Man Seeking Woman 1.08 Photos and Sneak Peek: Has Josh Found His Soul Mate?

by Shilo Adams / March 4, 2015
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Going to the destination wedding was a double-edged sword for Josh. On one hand, he was forced to face Maggie after their hook-up and come to terms with the fact that a reconciliation wasn’t in the cards for them. But on the other, he got the type of closure that he needed, as Maggie found someone new in Graham; he no longer has to torture himself with the thought that he missed his chance to get back together with her. She found the person that she wanted and that says nothing about Josh’s value as a person or a boyfriend. What it does, though, is give Josh the freedom and motivation to start his life over again and go out looking for the one he’s supposed to be with.

On tonight’s episode of Man Seeking Woman, Josh dives head first back into the dating world in hopes of getting into a new relationship. Partially driven by a need to prove himself to Maggie, a need to show that he’s moved on from their encounter and that she’s not the only one capable of being found desirable, Josh puts himself out there and steels himself against the rejection that comes with being single. And while he gets beaten down by the series of women who want nothing to do with him, he finds someone in Rachel, a liberal arts college alum interested in book clubs and poetry readings. While that might not be what Josh is into, he’s willing to compromise in order to welcome someone new into his life; he knows that he needs to get back out there if he has any hope in finding a long-term relationship. But will his desperation to be with someone cause Josh to lose himself?

Man Seeking Woman airs tonight at 10:30 on FXX. The show was renewed for a 10-episode second season yesterday, which will premiere in early 2016.

Could Rachel be Josh’s soul mate? Is Josh so eager to find a soul mate because of what happened at the wedding? If things go south with Rachel, will Josh bow out of the dating game for a while?

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