Man Seeking Woman 1.09 Sneak Peek: Leo and Liz Part Ways

by Shilo Adams / March 11, 2015
man seeking woman

Liz has always comfortably been the more put together of the Greenberg siblings. While Josh has languished in temp land, bouncing from relationship to relationship and not having much in the way of ambition, she’s found a steady job and has a long-term relationship to keep her warm at night. She knows how to keep her parents off her back, but the comfort she has in her personal and professional lives translates to an air of superiority that has pushed her brother away more than once. Though Liz might be well-intentioned as far as helping her brother find stability in his own life, she tends to make him feel bad about the choices he makes and eventually, that was bound to come back and bite her.

On tonight’s episode of Man Seeking Woman, Liz and Leo end things due to a job offer that pulls the latter away from Chicago. For years, Liz was happily removed from the world of being single; she didn’t have to worry about awkward dates, introducing someone to her parents, or making the right first impression on someone she was set up with. She just had to concentrate on making things work with Leo, so she’s forgotten what it was like to not have someone in her life. The loneliness, the anxiety, the irrational fear of being alone forever – it’s a lot to handle for anyone, let alone someone who hasn’t been exposed to the horrors of single life for quite a while. But in order to make it through the initial shock of being alone, will Liz be forced to turn to Josh for advice or, worse, a blind date with a new guy? Could Josh’s experience with being single, and the wisdom he’s acquired from each failed relationship,¬†help Liz become more comfortable with this next stage in her life?

Man Seeking Woman airs tonight at 10:30 on FXX.

How will Liz handle the break up with Leo? Will she gain more sympathy for Josh’s romantic plight after suffering heartbreak of her own? Is Josh going to be able to help Liz through this darker time in her life?

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