Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 3.03 Review: Simmons Wants What?!

by Luciana / October 14, 2015

Before we even begin talking about last night’s episode, can I please just put it out there how much better Agents of SHIELD has gotten this season? It has always been good, but this season – and bear in mind that we are only three episodes in – is already a thousand times better than the past two years. I don’t know if it is the Inhuman storyline or the changed dynamic between the characters, but the show is so much more entertaining and action-packed and I am pretty much in love with it.

That said, let’s talk about last night’s “A Wanted (Inhu)Man”. Lincoln is on the run because he has been outted as an Inhuman and people think he is super dangerous. The ATCU is on his tail, but he manages to evade them, which just prompts Rosalind to send out a nationwide BOLO on him. Skye (damn it!) Daisy is desperate to help him and tells Coulson they need to find him asap and bring him in, so he will be safe. That’s when Mack and Coulson tell her our big teddy bear put a tracker in him when they last saw him in the hospital, so they know exactly where he is. Daisy is so not amused by this and neither is Lincoln, who promptly fries the tracker when she tells him she knows where he is and they are tracking him.

My poor Lincoln has no choice, but to turn to an old friend, who seems to be a sponsor of some kind to him. The guy – John, I think – apparently is the only friend Lincoln has and immediately offers him shelter. But when he sees the warning on TV about Lincoln, he calls the hotline and turns him in. He tries to stop Lincoln from leaving, but he zaps the baseball bat John is holding and pushes him out of the way. And then the guy just collapses, to Lincoln’s absolute horror. He tries to bring him back, by shocking his heart, but it’s too late. He is already dead. I felt so bad for him, then, because this only cemented the notion that he was a dangerous monster – which he is absolutely not.

He calls Daisy then, asking for help and she immediately agrees to come and get him, telling Coulson he wouldn’t come unless it was just her. Mack goes with her, anyway, as backup, and tells her when the ACTU guys leave the building, so she can go find Lincoln. The scene that follows is just amazing and a great look into who Lincoln really is and the hardships he has been through over the years, after he became an Inhuman. I already liked Daisy and Lincoln together, because I thought they had chemistry from their very first scene, but after last night, I have to say that they converted me. The fact that she is now helping him overcome his demons, just like he did with her last season is a pretty great parallel and I can’t wait to see where they are taking their relationship. Now what should we call them? Do we have a ship name for them yet? Please let me know and sign me up. I am so in.

Meanwhile, Coulson set up a meeting with Rosalind Price, head of the ATCU, and their scenes together are just delicious to watch. I loved the back and forth, quick banter and Clark Gregg and Constance Zimmer really do have amazing chemistry together. So Coulson basically tells her that she is going about this Inhuman chase thing all wrong and that she should just back off and let him do his job. Rosalind says she can go after Daisy instead, if he wants, because she knows she is an Inhuman, who is also working for SHIELD. They finally compromise on SHIELD handing over Lincoln to ATCU and they’ll call it square.

That was a major WTH moment for me, especially because Daisy had finally gotten through to Lincoln and things were going to be great with them together. He escapes and the ATCU dudes decide to take Daisy instead, but our Quake is a lot more confident in her abilities and tells him to back the hell off because they have no idea who they are dealing with and what she is capable of. Things are about to get ugly when the drones get another call from Rosalind, telling them to fall back and let Daisy leave. Later, we find out that the reason that happened was because Coulson and Rosalind made a deal: SHIELD is going to collaborate with ATCU. Yeah, I did not see that coming either.

Elsewhere, Simmons is still trying to recover from her time on the other side of the universe. Every sound, every move seem to scare her and I just wanted to give her a hug through the entire episode. Fitz is relentless in his quest to help her, though, and the role reversal here is crystal clear. He takes her out on a date – and they are touching and holding hands in pretty much every scene and it’s so sweet – and books the entire restaurant just so nothing would bother her and my god, Fitz, it’s impossible not to love you. He tells her that this was a standing reservation he made for them before she was taken through the monolith and it was great that they could finally enjoy it. That’s when Jemma breaks down and it’s beautiful and heartbreaking and Elizabeth Henstridge was outstanding in this scene. She was pretty freaking brilliant the entire episode, but this scene really broke my heart.

Later, Bobbi finds Simmons in the lab and she is going through the remains of the monolith. Bobbi reassures her that the portal is most definitey closed and she has nothing to worry about, but that’s when Jemma drops the bomb of the episode: she needs to open the portal again because she needs to go back. Whaaaat? So this begs the question: is this PTSD talking? Or is this an alien impostor posing as Jemma?

And finally, let’s talk about May and Hunter. Can we please have more scenes with them? They are such an entertaining duo and they kicked some serious ass through the entire thing – highlight of the episode is still May’s “How about I do you a favor and not tell anyone that a tiny little Asian woman kicked your ass?” – and Hunter managed to get a meeting with Ward’s right hand man at what seems to be Hydra’s new HQ. So mission “let’s kill Ward in the most painful way” is definitely a go.

I am so on board with this show. Give me more, Agents of SHIELD. Next Tuesday needs to get here now.


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