NCIS Season 13 Premiere Sneak Peeks: The Times They Are A-Changin’

by Melissa J. L. Smith Sciuto / September 22, 2015
NCIS photo s13e1 Stop The Bleeding

Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) of NCIS always has been protective of children. Possibly because he lost his daughter, Kelly, at a young age, or maybe it is because he is the world’s most dependable guy. Maybe because that blue steel exterior hides a soft heart when it comes to protecting the innocent.

Now that soft heart has a bullet lodged near it as a result of one of those children he tried to protect.

Tonight’s premiere of Season 13 opens where Season 12 ended. Last season, terrorist Daniel Budd (Giles Matthey) was recruiting disenfranchised teens to a group named “The Calling,” and Gibbs was unable to save one of Budd’s recruits from a bus bombing.

Even more determined to save the rest of the teens from Budd, Gibbs, DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and CIA Officer/Dorneget’s mom Joanna Teague (recurring guest star Mimi Rogers) traveled to Iraq to rescue another of The Calling’s recruits, Luke Harris (returning guest star, Daniel Zolghadri).

When Luke betrays Gibbs’s help and shoots him in the chest and knee, Gibbs is taken aboard the USS Daniel Webster for surgery. Dr. Cyril Taft, portrayed by the fabulous Jon Cryer, (Two and a Half Men) performs open-heart surgery on Gibbs to save his life.

Cryer, who will be in more episodes this season, is a huge NCIS  fanboy and had his breakthrough role playing “Ducky” in the film Pretty In Pink.  David McCallum has been starring as Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard since NCIS’s debut. Two doctors named Ducky on one show!

This shooting will begin an arc that finds changes coming to Gibbs. Not only will he still be seeing dead people like Mike Franks (recurring guest star Muse Watson) and daughter Kelly (Mila Brener), the near-death experience has an effect on Gibbs that is both psychological and physical.  Events and people from Gibbs’s past will be revealed and Jethro will undergo some personality shifts.

The close encounter also has an effect on the NCIS  team in future shows. Normally best buddies, Gibbs and DiNozzo have a rift in their relationship, and the change in Gibbs affects his interactions with everyone around him in upcoming episodes.

Also new this season, expect to see DiNozzo and McGee (Sean Murray) take on additional responsibility while Gibbs recovers, and McGee and Bishop (Emily Wickersham) will pose as a married couple in one of the episodes.  As a huge bonus, ultra-suave, ultra-funny Robert Wagner returns this season as Anthony DiNozzo Sr.

On the romance front, McGee’s girlfriend, Delilah (Margo Harshman) will be seen much more this season.  Bishop and husband Jake (Jamie Bamber) will have to deal with some issues, and new dad, Palmer (Brian Dietzen) will have impending toddlerhood to face.

Director Vance (Rocky Carroll) returns to fieldwork sporting a new dynamic between him and the recovering Gibbs. Park Police Sergeant, Burt (Johann Urb) returns as Abby’s boyfriend, and one episode will find Abby (Pauley Perrette) and her lab under attack.

It all starts tonight in the season premiere, “Stop The Bleeding,” written by Executive Producers Gary Glasberg and Scott Williams and directed by Tony Wharmby.  Additional guest stars on tonight’s episode include David Andrews, Adetokumboh McCormack, Kenny Leu, Hector Hugo, Katie Roberts, LA newsman Kent Shocknek, Jim Lau and Donnabella Mortel.

Season 13 promises to be one of new ideas and new challenges, but with NCIS dependability. Catch the sneak peeks below along with interviews with and about Jon Cryer.

Like Gibbs, this show just gets better, year after year. NCIS airs tonight at 8:00 pm ET/PT on CBS.


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