NCIS Sneak Peeks: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

by Melissa J. L. Smith Sciuto / October 13, 2015

Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Reminders of great “buddy movies” may come to mind tonight on NCIS when Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Vance (Rocky Carroll) team up to work on a case. When a Navy seaman apprentice is murdered, a bagful of money and box of practice grenades are found at the scene. Also, the seaman’s eye is missing.

A former NCIS agent whom Vance once arrested for stealing evidence may be the suspect, but the ex-agent turns the tables by framing Vance. The situation gets Vance out of the office and back into the field with Gibbs as his partner…his senior partner. Gibbs will be able to pull rank as he helps Vance prove his innocence.

Only question is…who will be first through the door as they investigate?

Tonight’s episode, “Double Trouble,” should be a double treat as Harmon and Carroll get a chance to show off their quality comic timing.

NCIS also stars Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray, Brian Dietzen and Emily Wickersham. Guest stars on tonight’s episode are Leslie Hope, Eric Matheny, Gregory Scott Cummins, Heather Mazur, Edward “Grapevine” Fordham Jr., Brett DelBuono and Diandra Lyle.

“Double Trouble” was written by series producer, Christopher J. Waild and directed by Dennis Smith.

NCIS airs October 13 on CBS at 8pm ET/PT.


Melissa J. L. Smith Sciuto Melissa J. L. Smith Sciuto is a 25-year veteran of Hollywood studios and production companies, including The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Studios, NBC and Lorimar-Telepictures. She has had the privilege to work with many of actors, directors, producers and shows featured on ScreenFad.