New Girl Season 3 Sneak Peeks: Schmidt and Winston to the Rescue (Maybe)

by Emma Fraser / September 13, 2013

NewGirl-EP301_AllIn-Sc21_01774New Girl returns for season 3 on Tuesday and we will be picking up where we left off after Cece’s failed wedding. Nick and Jess encounter some obstacles on their impromptu trip to Mexico and when Jess calls on Schmidt and Winston for help, they might end up making the situation worse.

The episode “All In” follows Nick and Jess as they attempt to give being a couple a go, much to the delight of many New Girl fans. They have both had pretty disastrous relationships in the past and there is still the question of how much Nick values himself and if he believes he should be with someone like Jess. This notion almost ended them before they had begun, particularly after Jess’ dad visited and deemed that Nick wasn’t worthy of his daughter. Now they have the obstacle of potential jail in Mexico. One of the highlights of New Girl is that it manages to balance the slightly offbeat humor with stories that have a strong emotional core; this is part of what makes Nick and Jess work as they’re both weird in their own way.

Schmidt has his own mess to clear up as he ran away from the Cece or Elizabeth question at the end of season 2, so a trip to Mexico means that Schmidt won’t have to face up to reality just yet. Winston has his own challenge with a jigsaw puzzle, which sounds like a Winston story – come on guys give him something bigger to do. The sight of him wearing a hoodie as pants in the first preview clip and the lack of explanation as to why might make this worth it. Maybe the badger bite has taken its toll in an unexpected way.

Will Schmidt and Winston be able to help with Nick’s plight? Why can’t Winston do a jigsaw puzzle? Watch the clips below for more.

New Girl returns Tuesday, September 17 on Fox.

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