Once Upon a Time Season 5 Premiere Sneak Peek: Emma Meets Merida

by Clarissa / September 27, 2015
once upon a time

Emma heads to the Enchanted Forest in tonight’s season premiere of Once Upon a Time. After becoming the new Dark One, Emma finds herself in her homeland. There she meets a physical manifestation of the evil that guides the Dark One and which has taken the form of┬áRumple (see photos). She’s determined to find Merlin so that she can avoid giving in to evil and FakeRumple tells her there’s a way to find the fabled wizard. But when she attempts to use magic to do so, she bumps in to Merida from Pixar’s Brave. And it turns out that both women need the magical object Emma has been following, which puts them at odds.

Elsewhere in the episode, the Charmings back in Storybrooke team up with Hook and Regina to figure out a way to find Emma and save her from her own darkness. They manage to get a wand from the Apprentice that could help, but they’re going to have to make a deal with an enemy in order to use it. And we’ll also be introduced to Richard and the Knights of the Round Table as Camelot is introduced and becomes essential to Emma’s journey.

Don’t miss the return of Once Upon a Time tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. You can also watch a preview for the new season here.


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