Parenthood Season 5 Finale Sneak Peeks: The Bravermans Reminisce While Packing

by Shilo Adams / April 17, 2014

parenthoodThe Braverman home is the most tangible representation of the history the family shares and the memories that have been created over the years. While there are photos, anecdotes, and memorabilia from the lives of the Bravermans that will live on, the home is special in that it housed the hugs, the tears, and the arguments that filled their lives, fostering the type of bond that we see between them today. The home isn’t what makes them a family, but it’s one of the major things that connects them and losing that will undoubtedly leave an emptiness in the family that will be hard to fill.

On the fifth season finale of Parenthood, the Bravermans reminisce while packing the last of their belongings, with Camille, one of the main proponents of selling the home, joining in on the action when she finds a sculpture Crosby created in 6th grade. While there’s little chance that she backs away from her plan to sell the home now, considering how much she’s pushed for it to happen in the first place, at least Camille is acknowledging the importance of the home and the memories that it carries for her children; it might not save the home from being sold to another family, but it’s indicative of the respect and empathy that has grown within the Braverman home ever since Zeek and Camille moved in all those years ago.

Elsewhere on Parenthood, Amber struggles to let Ryan go and deals with drama in the hospital, while Drew goes after what he wants, Victor conquers his fears with Joel and Julia looking on, and Sarah finally addresses Hank’s request.

The fifth season finale of Parenthood airs tonight at 10:00 on NBC. You can check out a recap of the most recent episode, where Julia confided in Sarah about her marital situation and Kristina continued her fight for the charter school, here.

Do you think the Bravermans will ultimately go through with the sale of the home? How will the family react to Haddie returning for the summer? Is their shared experience with Victor going to bring Joel and Julia back together?

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