Person of Interest Season 5 Preview: Laggy Kitten

by Alan Eggleston / October 14, 2015

With all the new mystery-filled dramas on the networks this fall, you may have forgotten that Person of Interest is still waiting in the wings to premiere its fifth and perhaps final season. There is barely a whisper of its existence. Yet it’s still out there waiting, and CBS recently teased waiting fans of the sci-fi suspense drama at New York Comic Con with an interesting preview from a sizzle reel.

You may remember last spring’s season finale, when Finch and Root located The Machine wired into the electric grid at a city electric substation, dispersing its code throughout the system. Finch downloaded enough compressed code to return to his hidden lair in the hope of rebuilding the code later. Apparently, he has done so.

In this new trailer, we see the first scenes as Finch reboots The Machine and tests his work. The Machine glimpses images of Finch, Root, Reese, and Fusco. But something isn’t right. “Is she still laggy? I defragged the drives,” says Root. “She should be purring like a kitten.”

I’m a big fan of Person of Interest. I like its many quirks and the sense of humor expressed through characters like Root and Shaw and, often, Reese and Fusco. But this laggy kitten, The Machine, is far from purring and I found the results hilarious. I won’t spoil it with details — watch the fun yourself in the video below.

We don’t yet know when season five of Person of Interest premieres. Some time in 2016 was the last that I heard – midseason is what the trailer description says. I hope this short preview will help stave off whatever cravings you have for news of one of our favorite series. Enjoy!


Alan Eggleston A writer from the boomer generation, I was among the first Americans to grow up with television and even got my bachelors degree in broadcasting. My first professional job was working in a television station, working camera and then writing copy and promotions. A few years later I turned to writing for print and then adapted to the Internet. I love writing and I love good television and film - I hope it shows in my reviews.