Pretty Little Liars Recap: Back to Normal

by Clarissa / June 9, 2015

The girls tried to recover from their time in Charles’ dollhouse in this week’s Pretty Little Liars and as they spent some time in the hospital, the police quickly caught up with Andrew Campbell. Spencer was determined to keep the news about Charles DiLaurentis a secret from the cops, but the girls now believed that Andrew must be Charles.

Back at the DiLaurentis house, Alison came right out and asked her father if there was a Charles in their family, but he denied it. Since he was so shifty about it, it wouldn’t be surprising if you didn’t believe him.

As each girl headed home and reunited with their parents, they all tried to figure out how to get back to their normal lives. Hanna was traumatized to return to her room, while Aria was determined to speak to the police ASAP to ensure Andrew didn’t get out of jail. Spencer, meanwhile, was upset that her mother told her doctors not to prescribe her anti-anxiety medication because of her past history with drugs. And Emily was desperate to arm herself with firearms to ensure she wasn’t vulnerable again.

Alison delivered the news to Spencer that her father didn’t know who Charles was, but Spencer didn’t believe him. Still, she wasn’t eager to go to the police with her suspicions and was content to let them figure it out on their own. Back at the Marin house, Hanna was desperate to redecorate every inch of her room, while Caleb tried to keep her calm, and Emily spent the afternoon at the gun range. Ashley tried to get Hanna to reunite with the girls, but Hanna wasn’t interested and just wanted to reclaim her room. When Ashley questioned her daughter about what happened in the bunker, Hanna told her that Charles played mind games with them.

At the police station, the cops were telling Aria that they really only had circumstantial evidence against Andrew. Aria insisted that their captor was Andrew, but the cop reiterated that the girls never actually saw his face. So Aria lied and said that she had seen his face, but the officer didn’t seem to believe her.

Meanwhile, Toby’s insistence that Andrew was guilty also seemed to be waning. He told Spencer that he wanted to beat Andrew for what he had done to Spencer when he caught him, but he also admitted that they never discussed what really happened to her down there. Emily kept returning to the firing range, despite her mother’s insistence that she not use guns to cover up her pain, while Aria admitted her lie about Andrew to Spencer.

Thanks to flashbacks, Pretty Little Liars fans got glimpses of what happened in Charles’ torture chamber while the girls were down in the bunker for weeks. It seems that each girl was continuously brought into the room and made to choose between her friends. “Choose one, or all will suffer,” the mechanical voice ordered a crying Emily in a flashback.

Alison met Lorenzo, Toby’s new partner, in this episode and the two of them hit it off. Despite Ali’s notoriety, Lorenzo seemed interested in getting to know her, although Ali didn’t seem to share that sentiment initially. But when she spotted him at Ezra’s cafe, she apologized for her past behaviour to him.

Finally, Emily had approached Sara Harvey before she was discharged from the hospital, but Sara wasn’t really interested in speaking to her then. While we learned that Sara had returned home with her mother, we later saw her show up outside of Emily’s house at night, telling the girl that she had run away. Sara told Emily and Mrs. Fields that her mother wasn’t really happy to see her and she later asked Emily if she was sure that Andrew was their captor.

At the end of the episode, Alison was looking through an old photo album with baby pictures of her and Jason and, mysteriously, some photos were clearly missing. Were they photos of Charles?

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