Pretty Little Liars Recap: Mr. DiLaurentis Comes Clean About Charles

by Clarissa / June 23, 2015
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Alison spilled the news to the girls in this week’s Pretty Little Liars after she and Jason confronted their father about Charles DiLaurentis. Kenneth told his children that Charles was their brother and had been born 15 months before Jason. He said that Charles was “troubled” and he and his wife took him to the best doctors, but they couldn’t ever really figure out what was wrong with him. By the time Alison was a year old, their parents were frightened for Ali and Jason, so they sent Charles to Radley Sanitarium for treatment and moved to Rosewood to be closer to him.

Apparently Jessica wanted to tell the kids about Charles, but Kenneth wanted to keep it quiet until he got better. Only, he never did. When Alison insisted to her father that Charles was the one who had framed her for Mona’s murder and had kidnapped her friends, Kenneth told her that was impossible because Charles was dead. Charles allegedly killed himself when he was 16 years old and Jessica had him cremated. Hanna insisted it was a lie, but Alison believed her father. Still, the girls wanted to go to Radley to see if they could find any proof about Kenneth’s story.

Meanwhile, the girls’ loved ones continued to be concerned about them after their escape from the dollhouse. Byron didn’t really want to let Aria go out alone, while Mrs. Fields wanted Emily and Sara to speak to Dr. Sullivan. Caleb was particularly concerned about Hanna now that the police didn’t have a suspect in custody and kept hovering over her.

Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria decided to try and track down the files for former Radley patients and learned that they were soon going to be shredded. They headed out to see if they could steal Charles’ files, while Alison questioned her father further about her brother’s death. While she insisted to her friends that Kenneth couldn’t be lying, it was clear that she was still suspicious. At the warehouse, the girls found Charles’ file, but saw no entries after his 16th birthday.

Back at home, Byron was terrified about Aria when he learned she didn’t go to Hollis’ photo lab like she said she would, while Caleb told Hanna that he had put a tracker on her car. Both girls started to chafe under the watchful eye of their loved ones. But while Aria eventually told her father more about her room in the bunker, Hanna lashed out at Caleb and told him that she needed more space. Back at the Fields house, Mrs. Fields told Emily that they may have been hasty in asking Sara to stay with them, as she didn’t know how to handle Sara’s strange behavior if she refused to go to therapy and get help. Unfortunately, Sara overheard this discussion and bailed during the night.

Back at the DiLaurentis house, Jason told his sister how betrayed he felt by his parents keeping Charles a secret from them. She revealed that their Aunt Carol had visited Charles in Radley (which the girls discovered when looking through his file) many times before her death and he told her a story about how he had visited Carol’s house a year before and found his mother there. At the time, Jessica said she was cleaning up the house because she had decided to keep it, but she wouldn’t let Jason stay there, which could have indicated that she was hiding Charles long after he supposedly died.

Emily and Sara met up again at the Brew and Sara admitted that she had screwed up. She knows she belongs in therapy, but doesn’t want to deal with it right now. So Emily brought Sara out for some night swimming so she could enjoy the simple things in life again.

Later that night, Alison and Jason joined Hanna and Spencer up at Carol’s house to investigate. It seemed like a dead end until they found a small gravestone for Charles. Hanna believed it was a fake, but Spencer and Jason insisted it was real. With Charles supposedly dead, Spencer told Hanna that “A” must be someone that knew Charles at Radley and is now assuming his identity.

Finally, we learned more about what happened during the weeks in Charle’s dollhouse as we saw flashbacks to Spencer waking up inside her “room” in the bunker covered in blood, leading her to believe she had done something horrible that she couldn’t remember. These flashbacks made Spencer desperate to acquire some pills to help her sleep. When that became a dead end, she asked Ezra’s new pastry chef to hook her up with some weed. We also saw that Charles had cut Aria’s hair off while she slept and then ordered her to dye it.

We ended this week’s episode with Kenneth telling Alison that when she was 11 months old, he discovered that Charles had put her in a bathtub full of hot water. But Alison wasn’t interested in hearing more and just wanted to let him rest in peace. And that’s when we learned that “A” had put trackers on the girls while they were in captivity, allowing him to know exactly where they were at all times.

A new episode of Pretty Little Liars will air on June 30 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family (read more about Pretty Little Liars season 6).

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