Pretty Little Liars Recap: A Disastrous Showing

by Clarissa / July 28, 2015
Pretty Little Liars

The news that Charles DiLaurentis was “A” and responsible for the girls’ kidnapping was revealed on the news on this week’s Pretty Little Liars. When the news anchor stated that Charles was a suspect in his mother’s murder, Alison was floored. She couldn’t reconcile the young boy she remembered as someone who could turn into a killer. While Aria, Spencer and Emily tried to handle Ali with kid gloves, Hanna refused to give “A” the benefit of the doubt and told Alison that she wanted Charles to be caught and punished.

Hanna also told her mother that she suspected Charles and the DiLaurentis family were behind her scholarship, so Ashley wanted to straighten things out with Kenneth before attempting to return the money. While Hanna seemed determined, Ashley didn’t want her daughter to give up her future. When Hanna complained to Spencer about the situation, she came up with the suggestion of returning the money to the Carissimi Group themselves to try and get in the door and find out more.

Meanwhile, Aria’s photos were going to be displayed in a gallery exhibition, but her mother was determined to keep her close to home after the latest run-in with Charles. Ezra made a few suggestions and Aria asked Tanner to provide protection for her at the gallery and help convince her mother to let her go. Cut to Charles watching footage of the gallery and in came a visitor….Red Coat! And later, while Aria was getting ready for the gallery showing, Emily told her that their parents had received word from the school that the girls may not be allowed to attend prom because of security concerns.

Alison was struggling with her recent confession about Charles and she was angry that her father was being distant, spending his time talking to Tanner instead of her. Lorenzo was able to find out that Kenneth was being very forthcoming about Charles to Tanner and the detective had called in a profiler.

At the Carissimi Group, Hanna and Spencer started searching Rhys Matthews’ office for clues, but stopped when he entered the room. Hanna explained that she wanted to return the money and Spencer questioned him about their scholarship process to find out more. They learned that it was Mr. Carissimi who approved the scholarships, but Rhys was hesitant to allow the girls to speak to him. When the girls left the office, they both said they thought Rhys looked “exactly like a DiLaurentis”.

At the gallery, Hanna wanted to immediately tell Aria about Rhys, but Spencer asked her not to ruin Aria’s big night. Instead, Hanna showed the photo she had taken of Rhys to Emily and Emily was convinced he looked just like Jason.

Soon, “A” struck again when it was revealed he had switched Aria’s photos to pictures of the girls unconscious on the medical tables in his dollhouse. Thanks to a sign near the photos, Tanner revealed that Charles was playing with her now too and that for everything she could uncover about him, he could uncover about her.

That same night, Ali swiped Lorenzo’s security badge and broke into the police station to see what Tanner had found out about Charles, but the detective caught her in the act. Tanner tried to convince Ali that Charles was not a good person and Ali discovered that the cops had a “shoot on sight” order out on Charles.

As Aria explained her fears to Ezra, the other girls followed a suspicious Clarke, convinced that he might be working for Charles. Back at Lorenzo’s apartment, he confronted Ali about stealing his pass to get into the station and it looks like their budding relationship has suffered a big blow.

At the end of the episode, Ella visited Ashley and revealed that the girls weren’t permitted to attend the prom. At the Montgomery house, Hanna, Emily and Spencer told Aria their suspicions about Rhys and that they had seen Clarke meet with him at the abandoned doll factory.

In the final moments, we saw Red Coat hand Charles tickets to the Rosewood High prom, which leads us to next week’s penultimate summer episode (watch a preview).

Don’t miss an all new episode of Pretty Little Liars on August 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.


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