Pretty Little Liars Recap: A Cat-and-Mouse Game at the Prom

by Clarissa / August 4, 2015
Pretty Little Liars

The girls’ mothers had to tell them that they couldn’t attend prom or commencement in this week’s Pretty Little Liars because of security concerns. To make up for the disappointment, Veronica offered up her backyard barn to the girls to have a home prom. While Ali was wiling to make the best of the situation, she got a text from Charles telling her to show up at real prom alone so that they could meet. Soon after, Ella told Aria that her photos won first prize in the contest (which meant a cash prize and an internship in L.A. after graduation), but Aria was hesitant to leave town until Charles was caught.

As for dates, Ezra also volunteered to accompany Aria to the home prom, but Caleb was bailing on Hanna before the big night to head to New York to meet his father (although Hanna suspected he was trying to track down “A” on his own). And Emily invited Sara as her date, but Sara told her that her old school was holding prom the same night and couldn’t attend with her.

Meanwhile, Spencer heard that Toby was suspended from the police force and the pair learned that Lorenzo was as well, pending an investigation. Spencer wanted to talk to Tanner on Toby’s behalf, but Toby didn’t want her involved. She also tried to smooth things over between Lorenzo and Ali, but he was hesitant to believe the best of Alison.

While the girls gathered in the barn, their mothers gathered in the Hastings’ kitchen to discuss their daughters. Outside the house, Alison headed to the real prom instead of the barn, despite telling Charles over the phone earlier that she couldn’t attend the dance. In the background, Red Coat was following close by. Back at the barn, the girls were looking through their classmates’ prom photos and were shocked when they saw Alison in the background of a picture, convinced she had been lured to the dance by Charles. Determined to help their friend, they headed to the dance as well, along with Ezra and Toby.

Aria was surprised to find Clarke taking photos at the prom, but she confronted him about being at the old doll factory. Back at the Hastings house, Veronica started spilling more family secrets as she got progressively drunker, while Emily’s mother proposed that someone besides Charles had killed Jessica DiLaurentis. That suggestion led Veronica to the bright idea that she should confront Kenneth for answers. At the dance, the girls confronted Ali and she told them to leave before they scared Charles away. Despite Ali’s brush-off, Hanna and Emily both got a nice surprise when Caleb and Sara unexpectedly showed up to be their dates. And Caleb told Hanna that he had secured a job so that they could both move to New York City together and she could attend school without a scholarship.

At the DiLaurentis house, the girls’ mothers arrived to find Kenneth AWOL. After finding a photo of a young Charles with Jessica, Jason and baby Alison, they were shocked to see Rhys Matthews in the house. He told the women he was there to discuss Jessica’s contributions to the Carissimi group, but Ella believed they had just met Charles. Later, the women heard a sound in the basement and headed down there, only to get locked in. Their short experience being trapped led them all to wonder how their girls had suffered through so much worse for so long.

Cue a big confrontation at the prom, as Ali headed to find a costumed Charles, while Clarke chased her and the girls and their dates chased after him. That’s when Clarke revealed he was an undercover cop. Shortly after, Alison was taken hostage by Charles. As everyone scoured the party looking for Ali, the four girls found the phone that she had dropped.

And in the final moments of the episode, Ali begged a hooded Charles to talk to her. As he peeled off his hood for her, she gasped “oh my God!”

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