Reign Sneak Peek: Catherine Confesses to Mary

by Clarissa / January 21, 2014

ReignNostradamus’ prophecy about Francis’ death and the loss of one of her ladies in waiting caused Mary to flee from French court on the midseason finale of Reign. When she met up with Bash — who was also in the process of leaving — on her way out of the castle, the pair decided to leave together.

We know from a producer’s preview for the next new episode that Mary and Bash will be on the run, but their little adventure will come to an end fairly quickly. They will both be captured and returned to the castle, where Catherine awaits with a plan to keep Mary and Francis apart. But when Mary confronts Catherine about Ailee’s death, the older Queen confesses that she gave poison to Diane to kill Kenna but poor Ailee got caught in the crossfire. When Catherine still insists that Mary must stay away from Francis, Mary fights back.

Francis, meanwhile, will learn the truth about the prophecy, but he is still determined to wed Mary at any cost and this sets off a sequence of events that changes everything, including Francis and Bash’s relationship.

Watch a sneak peek below for the January 23 episode of Reign airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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