Rizzoli & Isles Recap: One Body Too Many

by Maria Vela / July 1, 2015
Rizzoli & Isles

This week’s case on Rizzoli & Isles was a weird and twisty one. Not for our always-fashionable Dr. Isles -— it was basically “Disneyland” for her — but definitely for Jane and the rest of us. We learned that not only does this research body farm study the decomposition of bodies above ground, but also they film it! Corpse cam, anyone? There was even a body map, making this the perfect place to dump a body, right? At least that’s what the killer thought.

BPD discovered a Jane Doe who was placed on the farm 30 days ago, according to Maura’s calculations. The investigation took a turn with the discovery of a second body — only this one was at least 11 months old. Desperately trying to find a connection, evidence finally gave the team a break and they discovered that a piece of hair that was on the second corpse was that of Jane Doe.

It turned out the bodies were James and Bonnie Leonard, a free-minded married couple who had always wanted to live away from the city. Apparently Bonnie had sent in a letter of resignation to her work and her sister had simply assumed they were both out in the world living their dream. Having made the connection, Jane realized that the killer could be looking for another victim — and, like most times, she was correct. The new victim’s name was Sara, a single accountant who had just mailed in her resignation letter — which was identical to Bonnie’s. But it looked like the killer was slightly changing his M.O., because the first murder turned out to be too much trouble with a married couple.

The killer turned out to be the water deliveryman the research facility had hired — and simply decided one day to quit. His name was Jeffery Tyler and he had lived through a tough upbringing. One where his father was controlling of his mother and on the one day she didn’t obey, he killed her. Like father, like son.

Before he could do any harm to Sara, Jane, Korsak and the team stormed in, with Jane shooting at his arm.

Meanwhile, lately it had seemed like Angela was always gone and both Jane and Maura missed her company a lot — sparking the idea of a girls night. After an exchange of ideas between watching Iron Man 3 or Steel Magnolias, they decide to ask Angela and she told the girls she’d be busy taking French cooking classes (her favorite French dish? French fries). Let’s keep in mind that Angela has never been very good at telling lies and so, consequently, both became suspicious of her alleged new activity. Soon after, Jane discovered she had been going ice-skating to impress a man she liked, something Jane suggested she no longer do for her sake.

After a sprained ankle, Jane realized that she was so against her mother ice skating not only because she was the world’s worst athlete, but also because this was an activity that Jane would have enjoyed sharing with her mother as she never had the time during her childhood.

Lastly, speaking about the last scene, Maura’s right. She and Jane are totally Thelma and Louise; Yin and Yang. With, of course, Jane being the “shady and cool” Yin and Maura being the “sunny and bright” Yang. Never a dull moment with these two.

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