Rizzoli & Isles Recap: A Forged Canvas

by Maria Vela / July 8, 2015
Rizzoli and Isles

Rizzoli & Isles channeled their own version of White Collar this week when their murder victim turned out to be a notorious European art thief wanted by the FBI and various other authorities around the world.  The investigation proceeded with its usual course of action by examining the body, questioning eye witnesses and the truck driver (by the way, who knew a threat to clean up men’s tighty whities would make a man spill the warehouse location where he had picked up the fridge? Kudos to Korsak for that assist!)

Upholstery tags and paint flakes were found at the warehouse where the body was dumped, which led the team to believe this was a major art heist—which proved correct considering the thief had a reputation of only working on heists worth over $10 million.

Maura soon noticed an oblong shape residue on the thief’s jacket, which she traced back to a Boston Museum of Art lapel sticker. Connecting the dots, they knew that even though no valuable paintings had been reported missing, it was possible an original painting was switched with a forged piece. Of course, Maura, being a close friend of the BMA, pulled some strings to attend the exhibit where Jane discreetly scrapped off paint from an art piece that Maura thought may not be an original piece.

With a bit of art knowledge from Susie, the team discovered the name of the piece and the name of the anonymous owner. After an examination, the paint from the forged piece was an exact match to the paint flakes taken from the warehouse.

Unlike the usual cases on the show, this time when they found out who the killer was, he had decided to kill himself. As much as we may not have expected that, it brought the audience to the reality that sometimes an investigation gets solved without making any arrests.

And as we all know, Jane can be somewhat nosey when it comes to her family and close friends; she means well, but sometimes that means she’ll push to know secrets that her loved ones may not yet be ready to reveal. That’s exactly what she did to her mother after she found out Angela had a new boyfriend — a man whose name she did not want to reveal. But Jane, being the detective that she is, overheard that the name was Ron.

Meanwhile, Angela was insistent on having Frankie fix the plumbing job that his father had previously done in Korsak’s bar. And let’s just say that the Rizzoli men aren’t exactly what you call ‘handymen’. After several failings and a flood, Frankie decided to hire a plumber to get the problem fixed.

Next week we’ll see an investigation lead to Maura being suspended for suspicion of tampering with BPD evidence. Be sure to watch Rizzoli & Isles on Tuesdays at 9:00 ETPT on TNT.











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