Rizzoli and Isles Recap: Teenage Sociopath

by Maria Vela / July 29, 2015
Rizzoli and Isles

Last night’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles made us feel all kinds of emotions when a teenage body was found in a cage. The victim’s name was Sheila McIntyre and her body appeared to have no signs of struggle, and the only evidence that was found in the cage was hair and blood.

The investigation led to Maura’s routine examination, where she analyzed the hair and blood and she soon realized that they belonged to animals. But the killer was obviously kicking up his game and now targeting people. Not only was he putting them in a cage, but the killer was also injecting his victims with a drug.

Then suddenly, Dr. Foley — an acquaintance of Maura’s — showed up at her office asking about the case and acting very nervous. Which led us to suspect he had something to do with Sheila’s murder. Jane soon realized that he was covering for one of his patients and that he couldn’t say anything due to doctor-patient confidentiality. After some convincing, Dr. Foley agreed to meet with Jane at his office. Little did she know she’d find him lying on the floor, stabbed and dead.

After scoping out the office, Korsak and Rizzoli found a teenage boy, Daniel, who had blood all over his hands and shirt. There was no way he’d get away with the crime after having been caught red-handed. But there was clearly something off about him. So much so, that he taunted Jane for the majority of the investigation by playing the innocent minor who had the perfect cover-up: saying Dr. Foley was molesting him. This forced the police to look deeper, and they did.

Knowing that Daniel’s mother was upset and clearly afraid of her son, Jane tricked Daniel into following his mom and luring him to the precinct. As soon as Jane pretended to have left some paperwork upstairs, Daniel tried to kill his mother with a syringe of drugs. Now tell me, was that a great plan by Jane or was that a great plan?

Meanwhile, Angela and Maura found out Jane’s couch had a hole in it and Maura decided to gift her a couch for her birthday. Of course, Jane refused to accept, mostly due in part to the fact that it’s her “old friend” and she felt she can drop a slice of pizza on it without feeling guilty. But it’s Maura —- she just doesn’t give up. If there’s one thing we know about her, it’s that she is very determined in anything she decides to take on, whether that be excelling at her job, picking out the perfect shoes to go with her outfit and/or getting Jane to choose a color for her new couch. The latter doesn’t actually happen despite all the efforts. But just as Jane was getting ready to head home after what was a tough case, she received a call letting her know her apartment had caught on fire, losing everything inside, including her precious couch. Luckily for Jane, her best friend went ahead and had the couch delivered (to her now totaled apartment.) We’re sure she and the couch will crash with Maura for some time.

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