Scandal 4.09 Photos and Sneak Peek: Rowan Goes After Olivia’s Loved Ones

by Shilo Adams / November 19, 2014
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After Olivia tried to take her father down and give the reins of the republic back over to the president, Rowan washed his hands of his daughter for good. In his mind, he had dedicated his entire life to making sure she was safe and giving her the best possible chance to make her way in the world, so to figure out that Olivia had chosen her two boyfriends over him stung. But Rowan isn’t one to let hurt feelings linger, nor is he one to forget betrayal from within his inner circle. On the contrary, Rowan is the type of person to come out swinging and his first targets? Jake and Fitz, arguably the two most important people in Olivia’s life.

On the next episode of Scandal, Rowan sends a hit man after Jake, only for the former Command to get the upper hand. Even if Jake managed to escape with his life, though, he still got the message that he’s essentially being hunted and that no one in Olivia’s life is going to be safe until either Rowan is put down or she realigns herself with her father, thereby turning her back on him and Fitz. Rowan has shown himself to be damn near indestructible and the impending sense of dread that comes with knowing he’s on the prowl is supposed to force Olivia’s hand, breaking the last bit of this “rebellious” streak she’s on and showing her who’s boss once and for all; however, Olivia may be down, but she’s certainly not out, not when she got as close as she did to ridding herself of her father once and for all. But in Olivia’s quest to vanquish Rowan and save her loved ones from his wrath, just how much collateral damage will there be? Is she going to inadvertently get someone hurt by continuing this fight?

Elsewhere on Scandal, Cyrus is forced to face the consequences of his actions, while Quinn figures out what Elizabeth’s been planning, though it might be too late to put a stop to it.

The fall finale of Scandal airs Thursday at 9:00 on ABC.

Who do you think will survive the Scandal fall finale? What do you think Elizabeth has been planning all this time? Could Cyrus have found an ally in Michael?

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