Scandal 4.12 Sneak Peeks: The Auction Begins

by Shilo Adams / February 12, 2015

Olivia’s resourcefulness is one of her main strengths as a fixer. Given any set of circumstances, she can find her way to the right answer, to the solution that best fits her clients needs and wants. That versatility has helped her become one of the most feared (and respected) players in Washington and it managed to save her life, as she appealed to Ian’s ego and greed in order to give herself a shot at freedom. If she can buy herself some time, she might put herself in the position to be saved by Fitz, especially with Ian on the outs with Andrew. But will Fitz move fast enough to rescue her before she’s bought by someone else?

On tonight’s episode of Scandal, the auction for Olivia Pope begins, as the influential Washington figure is now on the free market. Initially, Olivia believed that setting herself up like this would give Fitz a more tenable enemy to work with; even if he didn’t reach her in time or didn’t have the resources necessary to win her, the country that bought her would be easier to deal with than Andrew’s shadowy cabal. They could be bought off with money or trade deals or anything less taxing on the American people than a war, so while it’s going to cost Fitz and company quite a bit to get Olivia back, it wouldn’t be as devastating as it could’ve been. Especially when you take into account the morale boost that retrieving Olivia would give Fitz, as he would have the ammo necessary to pull out of West Angola, dispose of Andrew, and get his presidency back on the right track. Yet what would happen if Olivia’s buyer isn’t as compliant as they could be? What else would Fitz go through to get her back home safely and soundly?

Elsewhere on Scandal, Cyrus strong-arms Elizabeth into staying in D.C. after she makes an attempt to flee.

Scandal airs tonight at 9:00 on ABC.

Do you think that Fitz will try and buy Olivia out from under his enemies? Has Olivia made the right choice in testing the mettle of the free market vs. waiting to die in the hole she was being kept in? Will Elizabeth attempt to make another run for it now that Cyrus has her under his thumb?

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