Scandal 3.05 Preview: Fitz’s Biggest Rival Turns to Olivia

by Shilo Adams / October 24, 2013

scandalOlivia has shown thus far on Scandal that she’s willing to work on cases for any type of client. From adulterers to murderers, family drama to unstable professional reputations, the D.C. fixer has seen it all and fixed it all, which caused her to become a notorious figure in a town defined by the gossip mill and latest juicy scandal. However, even the most open-minded of people have lines that they’d rather not cross at some point, so the financial situation at Pope & Associates will put Olivia in a rather precarious position on the next episode of Scandal.

That’s because Josephine Marcus has come to her looking for help with how to handle the coming media firestorm ignited by Cyrus, who leaks that the Democratic senator had a baby when she was 15. Marcus is on the upswing politically thanks to Mellie publicly insulting a good portion of the country’s voters, so word of the baby is meant to knock her back down a few notches and keep her from emerging as the Democratic candidate for President. Should she take home the nomination, she would be considered the heavy favorite, considering that Fitz’s history of adultery has turned off much of his female base. The only major scandal that could derail said nomination? Her child, as that’s the only thing Ethan could bring back from Montana after heading west to gather dirt on the rising star. While Olivia has handled similar cases in the past and should prove to be an asset in Josephine’s quest for the White House, as well as American political history, what could eventually begin weighing on her mind is that she’s helping Fitz’s biggest rival better position herself to defeat him. She knows that he doesn’t like being President and that he wants nothing more than to walk off into the sunset, her hand in his, but what would he think of her working for the other side without consulting him first?

Elsewhere on Scandal, Jake convinces Huck to work with him in order to find out the truth about Operation Remington, while Mellie has a run-in with Olivia at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10:00 on ABC.

Will Olivia be able to fix Josephine’s potential PR problem and set her up as the Democratic candidate to beat during primary season? What will Jake and Huck uncover about Operation Remington? Is Mellie going to cause another headache for the White House during her run-in with Olivia?

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