Scandal Sneak Peeks: Will Fitz Be Impeached?

by Clarissa / October 22, 2015

Congress is moving to impeach the President on Scandal, with a little bit of help from Mellie. Fitz doesn’t seem to think that he’s committed a impeachable offence, but David is there to tell him that Congress can impeach him for *anything*, so long as they are united about it. And so David suggests that Fitz hire himself a good lawyer and stay away from Olivia in the interim.

Meanwhile, over at OPA, Olivia has hired a familiar face to help deal with the media firestorm: Leo. He comes in with the plan to turn Olivia and Fitz into a love story to remove the tarnish from their relationship.

Finally, Mellie and Cyrus will continue to pull strings from behind the scenes, while Jake is preoccupied with a ghost from his past.

Scandal is all new tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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