Shameless 4.11 Sneak Peeks: Amanda’s Parents Try to Bribe Lip

by Shilo Adams / March 24, 2014

shamelessAmanda has been the reason that the Gallagher family hasn’t completely imploded at this point. With Fiona having legal difficulties, Ian becoming increasingly unreliable, Frank on the edge of death, and Debbie and Carl dealing with teenage hormones in very different ways, it’s been up to Lip to carry the load for the family, taking care of Liam while doing well enough in school to keep his scholarship and their hopes of a successful sibling that could pull them out of poverty alive. As tough and smart as Lip may be, there’s no way he could have balanced everything without Amanda helping him with time management and watching Liam in the times when there was nobody to look out for him. But will Lip repay the favor with her conservative, traditionally minded parents?

On the next episode of Shameless, Lip has dinner with Amanda’s parents like he agreed, but instead of being immediately scared off, they instead offer him money to stay away from their daughter. Considering the situation his family is in, with their primary caretaker indisposed and nobody making enough money for them to survive, it’s an awfully tempting offer, a lifeline that could give the Gallaghers enough of a cushion to figure out their next move without Fiona. However, it’s something that could irrevocably damage his relationship with Amanda, as she would take him taking the money as a slight against her and a step too far from what she wanted when she originally asked him to meet her parents. Would Lip be willing to give up everything that Amanda gave him for a short burst of cash?

Elsewhere on Shameless, Fiona gets taken to a correctional facility, while Frank wakes up with post-operative delirium, Ian crashes Mickey’s son’s christening, and Debbie meets an older student with nefarious ulterior motives.

Shameless airs Sundays at 9:00 on Showtime. You can check out a recap of the most recent episode here.

Should Lip take the money from Amanda’s parents? How will going to prison for longer than a few days change Fiona? Will Frank recover from his delirium and recognize his family again?

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