Sleepy Hollow 2.01 Review: War is Hell

by Mel BiJeaux / September 23, 2014

The long awaited return of Sleepy Hollow started with a bang as we picked up right were we left off what seems like ages ago. Ichabod’s mission to save his witchy wife Katrina came to fruition, but left poor Abbie in purgatory as payment. Then they find out that poor parenting choices apparently do come back to bite you in the ass when Henry Parish reveals that he is their long lost son, and also the Horseman of War. Talk about falling in with the wrong crowd, son.

The opening of this premier is a little confusing because everything seems to be back to normal. Ichabod and Abbie share a little “ichabbie” moment of a surprise birthday party for Ichabod. Then we find out it’s been a year since the Purgatory misadventures? Smells like a flashback to me, and in a way it is. But that doesn’t diminish the unadulterated awesome of Abbie and Ichabod arming up like a swat team to find a journal belonging to Benjamin Franklin and taking on headless himself. There needs to be more scenes of Abbie kicking ass with double machine guns and Ichabod using a demon hunting crossbow!

Why everything is all about the Benjamins is a little unclear until we discover the whole thing is a ruse set up by Henry Parish to discover where Franklin’s journal is. John Nobel pretty much owns this episode in pure scary factor alone. He doesn’t have to do much except pitch his voice in a certain octave and glare at the others, and he is absolutely chilling in his delivery.

Everybody is where we left them – Ichabod in a coffin, Abbie running around in purgatory, throwing down with Moloch – and Jenny is in Henry’s clutches. But she uses her training to good use to get out, and I really like the resourcefulness of Jenny Mills.

Purgatory is tricky because no one is who they seem to be. Is Andy really helping her; does his love for her go that deep that after dying like a hundred times, he’s still defying Moloch to help her? And then there was that moment when she beheaded Ichabod, which was both awesome and terrifying. Good thing it wasn’t really him.

Speaking of beheading, Headless has Katrina and I would have really like to see her hex the Hell out of him, but naturally, her magical awesome seems to wax and wane on this show. I will say this, Headless is a ton more terrifying when actually “headless.” Call me twisted but I much prefer him big, brawny and silent, rather than seen as Abraham. I guess he does actually need a mouth to get his “this is why I am doing this and I love you for all time” obsessiveness out, but still.

Benjamin Franklin makes a cameo or two in this, and I loved that Ichabod thought of him as a brilliant but pompous windbag. The search for his Key to save Abbie felt a lot like National Treasure, and that aspect of this show works really well with the supernatural element.

This was a fabulous start to the season and to the oncoming war between good and evil. I had a lot of favorite moments:

– Ichabod Macgyvering his way out of the coffin by improvising on TNT.

– Abbie using Moloch’s Magic Mirror to talk to Ichabod.

– ZOMBIE REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIERS. Eat your heart out Walking Dead!

– Henry getting his Horseman armor! Flaming sword!

– Ichabod vs technology when his goodbye message doesn’t record.

War is still coming and if Moloch gets his way, a zombie apocalypse will take over Sleepy Hollow. Better keep see about getting that bewitched crossbow, Ichabod!

What did you think of “This is War”?

Sleepy Hollow returns with “The Kindred on Monday September 29 at 9/8c on Fox.



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