Sleepy Hollow 2.02 Review: Franklin-stein’s Monster

by Mel BiJeaux / September 30, 2014

Last night’s Sleepy Hollow jumped right back in with all the tension we left off with; Katrina still in the clutches of Headless and trying to resist his “amorous” intentions. I have to agree with Katrina though, I’d much prefer to see him in his monstrous, headless state. Abraham is so unimpressive.

There were a lot of things to love about this episode and hardly any to nit pick, except perhaps the new sheriff. I can appreciate that the need for a stabilizing, if antagonistic, presence in the police department after Irving, but Reyes sort of takes it to the next level. Irving didn’t buy into half the crap Abbie and Ichabod brought to him until he got his face shoved in the middle of it, but Reyes is a bulldog with no bone to chew. So she’ll settle for remolding Irving’s department person by person. The most disturbing aspect of Reyes was when she threatened Irving with all the lovely psychiatric torture devices she could think of. No compassion at all.

I’m sure all that will change once she gets a gander at Headless, or Henry hexes her or something.

Speaking of hexes, can we stop having Ichabod expound on the unbridled power of his wife Katrina as a witch when the woman can’t even break the spell on the chain of the necklace Abraham gave her? Come on, Show. If Katrina is supposed to be some awesome spell-slinger, lets make with the spell-slinging! Alas, all she seem to be good for is playing up to Abraham’s hopeless crush with the hope of garnering information.

I really enjoyed the scene of Benjamin Franklin butchering corpses and sewing them together, looking happy as a clam. I love a good body horror and seeing the Kindred reanimate was, you have to admit, pretty damn awesome. And then watching him fight Headless was even better because he seemed to be trying to protect Abbie! The only thing I didn’t like was that he just disappeared – with Headless’ head – which was anticlimactic. Maybe he’ll come back and save them at the 11th hour.

The “Ichabod vs the 21st Century” moment was nice, with him lambasting a poor bank agent over debt and tethered writing implements. Abbie doesn’t even make excuses for him anymore.

There is always a wonderful element of National Treasure in these episodes, where they go into a tomb and have to beat the booby-traps (in this case, a 200 year old battery shock system) in order to get the next clue or the artifact. It’s half National Treasure, half DaVinci Code and all fun! Even when Ichabod won’t ask for directions.

The question now is, how will Henry and Headless pave the way for Moloch to come to Earth? Henry cowers in front of his “father” – notice he calls Moloch father and not master, hinting that despite everything, little Henry still wants a parental figure in his life – and you have to wonder what would happen to Henry if Moloch really got sick of him? Would Henry finally switch sides, like Katrina thinks he’s capable of?

One thing is for sure, Irving is in a hellova lot of trouble, signing Henry’s contract with blood! Does that mean he’s bound to the Horseman of War?

Sleepy Hollow returns all new with “The Root of All Evil” on Monday October 6th at 9/8c on Fox


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