Sleepy Hollow 2.03 Review: The Judas Coin

by Mel BiJeaux / October 7, 2014

Sleepy Hollow has moved into a more procedural formula now that the tone of the season has been set by the explosive opening. And we finally get a chance to see some of the much lauded new faces in this episode, though it is up tot he viewer to decide if they are worth keeping or not.

The introduction of the “coin” I found to be really interesting, as it is the first time Revolutionary War history and biblical history are combined with actual artifacts. I had been wondering when religious reliquary would show up, since we are dealing with apocryphal events foretold in Washington’s bible, and this Judas coin is a nice addition. The coin is cursed from the time of Christ, and has apparently bounced around history wreaking havoc in time.

This time, Sleepy Hollow tweeks history yet again in a marvelous manner – alleging that the reason Benedict Arnold turned against the colonies and sided with the British was the doing of the accursed coin. I’ve always loved how while bending history to fit it’s needs, Sleepy Hollow always managed to weave the supernatural elements into the historical timeline effortlessly.

Henry Parish being the Horseman of War needs to sow the seeds of decent in the town and amongst the Witnesses, but the easiest target for betrayal is Jenny. With the coin, she sets out to kill the new sheriff for betraying the Mills’ mother to the psyche ward and ultimately her own death. discovering that Jenny and Abbie’s mother committed suicide because of Moloch’s demons tormenting her is not much of a surprise. It has been hinted that this Mills family has been fated to battle Hell’s minions since Ichabod’s time, and maybe even before. This didn’t start with young Abbie and Jenny in those woods.

Also in this episode we meet the much touted Nick Hawley, and while I expected to hate his character on sight, I found him to be vaguely interesting. But it is too early to tell. i look forward to him bringing out Ichabod’s jealous side, but that’s about it.

This episode brought out the fact that we all struggle with our own inner demons and this is evident even in Henry Parish, who could have some redeeming spark left in him after all. Abbie seems to hold no faith that Katrina will make the hard decisions against her son when the time comes, which causes friction between her and Ichabod. Both Abbie and Jenny deal with the anger over the loss of their mother to Moloch’s designs, and I already dislike the new sheriff.

Something tells me that Reyes might tie in down the line, and not in a good way. At least Ichabod finally got some ID, now he can order a beer in peace!

Noteworthy parts:

– Ichabod not being bothered by gay relationships, but by hats worn indoors.

– The coin calling out to everyone was hella creepy

– Abbie talking Jenny down by agreeing with her anger

– Abraham is simple. They just keep making the Headless Horseman less and less scary.

– Ichabod’s history lesson about Sam Adams beer.

– Ichabod standing up to Reyes about where he can and cannot be, even if he doesn’t have ID

Sleepy Hollow returns Monday October 13th at 9/8c on Fox


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