Sleepy Hollow 2.05 Review: All The Lady’s Have Crane on the Brain

by Mel BiJeaux / October 21, 2014

All the girls have Crane on the brain in Sleepy Hollow these days. And you can’t really blame them. Tall, dark and revolutionary seems to work for Ichabod; girls in both centuries seem to be drawn to him. Unfortunately, being in Ichabod’s good graces seems to be a pretty deadly situation for the women in his life at the moment.

After last week’s so-so episode, this one actually had everything I’d been missing: a truly freaky baddie, Henry and Moloch, and even Abraham. I have to say I was starting to miss old Headless, and wonder of wonders, I’m starting to empathize with Abraham! Of course he’s still creepy and obsessive and the Horseman of Death, but you gotta feel for that guy. He’s got it bad for Katrina.

The Weeping Lady is a tall tale that’s been around for a very long time and had many variations. In this case she’s a terrifying hag that can be heard crying by the river, but until now, has never hurt anyone. With the introduction of the Weeping Lady, this episode also shows the cracks beginning to widen in Katrina an Ichabod’s bond, which will only strengthen his bond with Abbie.

It’s nice to see Ichabod trying to make friends outside those of the department and his Witnessing duties. Caroline the reenactor is sweet and smitten and furnishes Ichabod with all his period style clothes, so he won’t have another horrifying incident with skinny jeans. And bless Ichabod to eternity and back for being a gentleman and wanting to set the misunderstanding between them to rights in person, rather than a “missive typed with thumbs.”

Henry seems to be having a bit of difficulty keeping Headless in line as well, since Henry wants Katrina turned to the dark side fast and Abraham wants her to choose him herself. Methinks when it comes down to it, the Horseman of Death might just choose love over evil, which is endearing but again, takes almost all the scary right out of the character.  Henry sounds like the worst emo teen ever with his “I relish the opportunity to cause my parents pain” but Noble somehow makes it work. Trouble is, Moloch doesn’t want Henry going off script.

The flashbacks to Ichabod dealing with Mary – the soon to be weeping hag – show her to be as obsessive and dangerous as Abraham was about love and what she wants. Which should have been a huge warning sign to Katrina and Ichabod about Abraham, but whatever. Katrina hiding the real reason Mary disappeared is enough to drive a big wedge between her and her beloved.

Hawley’s main focus in this is to save Abbie’s life when the hag nearly drowns her (poor Ichabod needs to learn CPR) and to give them a dude of a supernatural weapon. Hey, at least the crossbow looked bad ass. We also see that Jenny and Hawley have a past together, thought Hawley wants to keep her at arms length, probably because she knows all her vulnerabilities. But the other Mills sister is a big draw for Hawley, so he’ll keep coming back for more.

Ichabod finally understands that he doesn’t know a whole hellova lot about his dear wifey, and that angers him. She hid the death of Mary to keep him in the colonies to fulfill his preordained mission. As Ichabod pulls further away from her, could Katrina start to soften to Abraham’s advances? And whatever Moloch has planned for her, she’s going to be some sort of vessel. At least we finally saw her making with the witchyness.

I’m interested to see how far Abraham will go for Katrina and what she’ll do once she doesn’t have Ichabod’s unfailing trust. Of course I love that it means Ichabod and Abbie will be all that much closer, even if Hawley tries to butt in. He might actually be helpful if he didn’t ruin it being a jerk.

Favorite Bits:

– Ichabod and Caroline being adorable and awkward and Abbie being called Mrs. Crane.

– Ichabod’s broken pleas when he thinks Abbie has drowned. No one in the library noticing a hag in a water portal drowning someone?

– Crane on the brain.

– Abbie and Katrina casting a spell together.

– Abraham being unhappy when Katrina is unhappy. Switch sides for Love, man!

– Ichabod’s epic bow to Caroline.

– The Weeping Lady scaring the bejeezus out of me.

Sleepy Hollow returns Monday October 27th at 9/8c on Fox.

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