Sleepy Hollow 2.06 Review: Where Did The Wendigo?

by Mel BiJeaux / October 28, 2014

Every day is Halloween in Sleepy Hollow, and now they tackle one of the best monster myths of all time – the Wendigo. Nearly every monster scifi show has dealt with a wendigo or two; the skin-walker, organ eating monster is a favorite of shows like Supernatural. This time, the monster is a weapon utilized by Henry Parish in order to gain the upper hand in the coming War.

It seems that in Ichabod vs the Twenty First Century, he finds downward facing dog and warrior poses in yoga do little to quiet his mind like having a good stiff drink. Or possibly yelling at a multiplayer video game ala Call of Duty, when his teammates screw him over. Whatever the result, Ichabod is acclimating nicely to our century, even knowing the difference between “arachnid boy” Peter Parker and Clark Kent.

Joe Corbin arrives in town from Afghanistan with a huge chip on his shoulder concerning his former baby sitter, Abbie Mills. He’s basically jealous of all the time and effort Sheriff Corbin put into Mills, and not into their father-son relationship. That makes it hard on Abbie, who feels that not helping Joe is like failing the only father figure she’s ever had in her life all over again.

Then the bloodshed starts. Bodies ripped open and organs eaten. Joe seems to be at all the scenes and is left unharmed. The beast is a huge were-wolf like creature with horns – props to the make up and special effects department. That wendigo was freaky!

Oh and Hawley is back on scene again to help find a cure for Joe’s wendigo-itis, but it really seems like his main problem is learning when to shut up with all the little Hawleyisms. Although I really liked “big, white and horny- antler-y.” It;s more evident every time he’s around Abbie that she is one of the main reasons he’s sticking around, you can bet Jenny will figure that out soon too. I only hope we don’t have to endure some epic sisterly jealousy over Hawley between Jenny and Abbie.

Crane is jealous enough for everyone!

The real point of this episode seems to be to show how far ahead of the game Henry Parish is. He’s playing three moves ahead of the Witnesses, setting his allies up, ensnaring new weapons like Joe in order to get rare artifacts that Corbin amassed during his life. Henry plays poor Irving as well, enticing him to murder another in order to trade his soul out of Henry’s employ. The guy who paralyzed his daughter is a perfect choice and you almost want Irving to kill the SOB.

Henry needed Joe to bring him a rare poison so he could magic it into a cursed spider. Why does it always have to be spiders! And of course the cursed spider had to go crawl into Katrina’s mouth and YUCK! So he’s going to use Katrina as bait again to force Ichabod into doing something for him, and from the look of it, Katrina may be birthing a new demon unto the world.

Or maybe she’s birthing another Horseman? I guess we;ll have to wait to find out.

Favorite Bits:

– Crane and Abbie chatting about Daniel Boone and his racoon hat actually covering the damage from his wendigo brother.

– Downward facing dog

– Crane’s expressions when being made to work with Hawley.

– Abbie commiserating with Joe over the loss of his father from both their lives

– Crane throwing epic 18th century curses at the gamers

– Irving threatening the man who ruined his family’s lives

Sleepy Hollow returns Monday November 3rd at 9/8c on Fox.




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