Sleepy Hollow 2.07 Review: What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Demon

by Mel BiJeaux / November 4, 2014

Sleepy Hollow may need to break away from this new formula of focusing only on the Crane side of the apocalyptic equation if they want the ratings to stop falling. Chatter around the tumblr table has been that fans are tried of all the episodes that have any back story development only revolving around Crane and not Abbie. Now we did get  some of Abbie’s past with the Sheriff in and his son in the last episode, but there are still questions that beg to be answered about her and Jenny and their past in this coming War. The fact that Katrina Crane has never been a fan favorite may have something to do with fan disappointment of late as well.

If not for John Noble’s flawless performance, I might be getting a bit tired of Henry Parish as well. Of course the cliche will be that Ichabod and Katrina will fight for the salvation of their wayward son, and he will fight it until the last minute. But for now, I think we need to move on from the “save Jeromy Crane” front because that seems like a lost cause. It will also almost assuredly be a sticking point with Crane and Abbie too.

Moloch is trying every evil demon trick int he book to get onto our earthly plane. If he can’t trick his way or force his way through, then maybe he can get born into our world. Frankly, Katrina Crane’s womb has done enough damage on this world, gifting us with Horseman of War. But seeing the demon spawn almost clawing it’s way out of her was all kinds of creepy and enough to make any mother watching clutch her stomach in sympathy.

The use of the Hellfire Club, which Benjamin Franklin infiltrated was a nice touch, because what supernatural show wouldn’t have some dusty old tablet telling the baddies how to bring Hell to Earth. Also Franklin helped out with some papers on how the aurora borealis will exorcise a demon from a womb, very helpful. Ridiculous, but helpful.

Honestly I think my hero of this episode might actually have been Headless himself. It sure seems like the show is setting it up for the Horseman of Death to defect for love, because he was definitely NOT on board with Katrina being made a disposable vessel for Moloch. If Katrina might not being doing a great job of turning Henry back to the good side, but she sure as hell has Abraham wrapped around her finger. It was amazing seeing him go full on Rambo mode on Henry’s men to save Katrina, even if watching Henry just open windows on him to slow him down was kind of lame.

If there is a way to stall the coming war, getting the one of the four Horsemen of the apocalypse to defy his lord and master for love might be the way to do it. I am definitely more of a fan of Headless now than I was.

The “ichabbie” shippers are not going to like this episode, because it drives home the fact that even thought Ichabod’s marital happiness hit a snag in recent episodes due to Katrina keeping secrets, he’s still very much in love with his wife. In fact, they kind of threw it in ours and Abbie’s face as well. But it is important to remember that Abbie and Crane are connected on a level deeper than love at this point, and they don’t have to have a romance (yet) to play that chemistry up.

The ending was a bit confusing and anticlimactic. I guess for a while we’ll be left with a parting shot of Henry doing something evil with science, trying every which way he can to help Big Bad cross over.

Favorite bits:

– Abbie and Ichabod voting, with Crane being appalled at low voter turn out and the fact that he can’t “campaign at the polling stations.”

– Everything about Headless coming to Katrina’s aid, defying Henry and even wanting to go to Management (Moloch) to speak on Katrina’s behalf. He’s going to defy Moloch before the end, I just know it! I think I ship Katrina/Abraham now.

– Abbie managing to get Sheriff Reyes on her side to help infiltrate the Hellfire Club’s headquarters.

– Ichabod being disgusted with dial-up.

– Henry and Ichabod’s face off, if for no other reason than John Noble is bloody brilliant.

Sleepy Hollow returns Monday November 10th at 9/8c on Fox.


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