Sleepy Hollow 2.08 Review: The Heartless One

by Mel BiJeaux / November 11, 2014

Sleepy Hollow has been struggling of late to balance the character development between all the major characters this season. They seem to be spending a lot of time on Crane Family Drama rather than building on the Witnesses themselves. And while I don’t have a problem with Katrina finally getting to stretch her witchy legs a bit and use some magic, I’m not impressed with Abbie and Katrina squaring off in almost-cat fights that Ichabod has to break up.

That said, I did find Hawley a lot more endearing in this episode, mostly because the beastie that Henry set loose made him (and us) realize that Hawley has is bad for Abbie.

Most of the episode is spent on Katrina, Abbie and Ichabod attempting to work together to bring down Henry’s new play thing – a succubus that is eating people’s life forces – and discovering that the three of them may be at cross purposes. Abbie rightfully believes that Henry must be stopped at all costs, while Katrina and to a certain extent, Crane, want to save him from himself. This puts Abbie at odds with both Cranes, which is not a good place to be for a Witness who needs her partner Witness at her side.

Its not a shock that Katrina is inadvertently driving a wedge between Abbie and Ichabod; we knew this would happen way back before they had to split up to get her out of Purgatory. But she is a mother so her motivations are colored by that. The problem is, Ichabod seems to have chosen Katrina’s side in the “save Henry” debate, which will pit him against his Abbie in the end.

Which is probably what Moloch wants anyway, but won’t be a favorite of the fans.

The succubus is suitably scary – a beautiful seductress one minute and a horned demon the next. I liked how she took on the presence and semi-form of who the object of desire was. It was interesting to see her play-act as Abbie to lure Hawely in. Blondie boy’s got it bad for Abbie and even Ichabod picks up on that. Equally interesting was watching Ichabod grapple with his feelings on the fact that Hawley might be a romantic avenue for Abbie and who is he to stand in the way of that?

Abbie sets him straight on that, neither of them need to worry about losing their hearts right now.

And it looks like Moloch wasn’t completely sent back to Hell when they banished him from Katrina’s womb. Now there is an icky little demon baby feeding off the life force milk the succubus regurgitates and yeah. Yuck. Moloch is in the real world now, so the time frame for Apocalypse Now may have been moved up.

Katrina rightly decides that her best place is with Abraham, trying to be a spy from within to find Moloch, and out of the way of Abbie and Ichabod. I have to admit I missed Abraham in this episode, but it was nice to see him still fighting Henry (and Moloch) about who she really belongs with. And while Katrina had good intentions of staying objective to strike Moloch down, that enchanted necklace she wears may have screwed up her objectivity.

Instead of seeing the icky demon spawn, she sees a cute, helpless baby. Which is a lot harder to destroy.

I foresee Katrina wobbling in her objectives just enough for Henry to do something horrible that may get her killed.

And int he next episode it looks like we will finally get some Mill’s girls back story with the ghost of Abbie and Jenny’s mom!

Favorite Bits:

– Ichabod asking about Hawley’s “intentions” toward Abbie. Like she couldn’t take care of herself.

– Crane and Abbie joking about dancing

– Crane being in sensory overload in the club

– Hawley pining after Abbie

– Abbie and Katrina coming to an understanding

Sleepy Hollow returns Monday November 17th at 9/8c on Fox.


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