Sleepy Hollow 2.09 Review: Keep Fighting

by Mel BiJeaux / November 18, 2014

Finally Sleepy Hollow decides to give us some Mills sister back story! And how heart wrenching and creepy it was. After finding out that Mama Mills died not from a suicide induced by schizophrenia, but from battling demons only she could see, it drove home how entrenched in this war the Mills family has been form long before the girls’ time.

Taking a step away from Crane Family Drama may have been the tonic this show as needing for a while. And what better way to spend an episode than getting more information on our favorite Witness, Abbie. I have to admit, a few tears were shed while watching this, simply because Nicole Beharie can rip your heart out with a single look.

We got a chance to understand why Abbie is a “trust no one mantra” and why Jenny has been so self sufficient her entire life. Neither girl had the stability or the safety they needed growing up. Their mom took away that safety by constantly telling them they were in danger and then seemingly trying to get them killed. Abbie became the caretaker for Jenny and Jenny had little to no memories of her mother that weren’t filled with terror and uncertainty.

But if this episode shows us anything, it showed that a mother’s love can withstand Hell’s army when protecting her children. Mama Mills may have been yet another casualty of Moloch’s long con in the war, but she made sure her little Witness Abbie would be the victor in the end.

There were many great moments – the huge mural in Mama Mills’ room of Abbie and Jenny, Jenny realizing that her mother kept fighting to save herself and her child instead of succumbing to suicide, and the creepy demonic nurse that no one could see but the Mills.

Ichabod had a relatively small role in this episode, and that’s fine. This was all about Abbie and Jenny, and Ichabod provided support in the end, when he wasn’t wallowing in snot and misery of a cold. Even Hawley came through as back up and you can already tell that when Abbie Mills calls, that boy will come a’running.

Another interesting tidbit was discovering the journal of Abbie and Jenny’s ancestor (who birthed Henry into this world) will be a powerful weapon against Moloch. It’s chocked full of incantations and hexes and it’s interesting to see that both Mills sisters seem to be able to slings spells better than the so-called powerful witch, Katrina. Oh well. At least someone is getting it right.

Katrina got a few surprises int his episode. She at least realized the cute baby spawn was poisonous before too long, but her plan to send him from whence he came failed as baby Moloch had a growth spurt into creepy toddler-hood. And honestly, I couldn’t tell if Henry’s lament about “mothering” was heartfelt envy or just Henry playing the game. Kudos to John Noble for that scene.

The sisterly love was strong in this episode, which was fantastic to see. Even when Jenny didn’t want to be strong, Abbie was strong enough for everyone. Even Irving will take advantage of Abbie’s strength as he’ll need her to hide him from the authorities since he broke out of Terrytown in the end. I say give the guy a break. His soul belongs to Moloch and he was nearly talked into killing himself, I’d say he’s earned a vacay from the Psych ward.

As we near the fall finale, baby Moloch will grow into an even more creepy young adult – I hope he’s not as emo as Henry tends to be – and Headless and Ichabod will have yet another showdown. I only hope Abraham remembers that love has changed him, even just a little.

And where is The Kindred? Is that monstrosity still running around Sleepy Hollow? If so, he needs to come back and help in the fight, fast!

Sleepy Hollow returns Monday November 24th at 9/8c on FOX.

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