Sleepy Hollow 2.10 Review: When The Trumpet Sounds, The End Is Near

by Mel BiJeaux / November 25, 2014

The first half of the fall finale of Sleepy Hollow set us up for war. The board is set but there are still a couple of pieces missing. If Moloch wants a war, you’d think he’d wait until his last two Horsemen of the apocalypse have joined, right? I know they have to save something for possible future seasons (ratings willing) but the Horseman Famine and Pestilence (I think they have different names in this) are still AWOL. Maybe this is just Moloch’s opening gambit.

Regardless this part one seemed like it was ripped from the pages of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, right up to “choosing the right weapon” or death. At least Abbie didn’t have to drink from any funky cups. The puzzles were engaging and the booby traps were epic, but I have to say, I think the showdown between Abraham and Ichabod may have been the best part.

Okay, the Gorgon was cool too.

Nobody is at all surprised that Katrina failed her mission. You can literally see Abbie rolling her eyes when Katrina makes the mirror-call to let them know she screwed up. Maybe Ichabod was the only one who thought she’d actually come through, but what else is new. And for all her claims to know Henry’s inner heart, Henry brings up a good point that seems to be escaping mommy dearest. Everything is about choice. God and the Devil both allow man to choose, and Henry chooses evil – even if somewhere inside him is a scared little boy.

As long as he chooses Moloch’s side, Katrina is screaming into the wind.

Speaking of choice, Ichabod seems to think his whole life was influenced by Abraham. And in some way, he’s right. Abraham talked him into coming to America and then defecting, setting him on his path to be a Witness. But Ichabod made the choice to keep on with his charter, instead of giving up.

Abraham’s fate is nothing but choice – choosing to be Moloch’s horseman instead of death, choosing vengeance over Katrina, and I think his final choice will be choosing to save Katrina over Moloch’s orders. Certainly he’s getting used to bitching at Henry at every opportunity, and Henry calls him on it. But even though he allows himself to be summoned back to Moloch’s side when the Horn blows, something tells me there is a big enough crack in his loyalty that may make the difference when he finds out Moloch will likely screw him over.

At least, it would be really cool if all that would happen. My faith in the writers has waned of late.

Abbie has been the main hero of this story for a while now, and it is even more evident when she pulls Ichabod out of his funk in the sword chamber. It might have been more prophetic for her to pull the sword out like Excalibur, rather than Crane, but I guess they needed Crane to redeem himself after his lack of faith.

Jenny and Irving’s story was woefully short and really told us nothing. So Irving is in the wind now. I guess he’ll show back up at the climax in the next episode to help, unless Henry yanks his leash.

Pitting Headless against the Gorgon was pretty awesome, I have to say. I would have liked to get a better view of that battle, but I guess it’s expensive to spend film time animating a gorgon. And the use of the biblical Horn of War was a nice touch. But again, if you’re going to kick start Revelations, you need all your little horsemen in a row. And one of Moloch’s horsemen is terribly in love, which could be a problem.

If done correctly the next part of this fall finale could be pretty epic. Or it could fall flat, as so many episodes this season have done. I choose to remain hopeful that everything that has been building to this point will come together in the right way.

Sleepy Hollow fall finale airs Monday December 1st at 9/8c on Fox.



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