Sleepy Hollow 2.12 Review: Angels Aren’t So Angelic

by Mel BiJeaux / January 6, 2015

Sleepy Hollow returns from hiatus to answer all our questions about where we left off. Apparently all in one episode, it seems. We’re not sure what the rush is, but this episode was a cacophony of action, character introductions and yes, even more Crane marital dysfunction. Oh, and nobody seems to really die on this show. They return in flashbacks, as ghosts, or as shoeless, thirsty travelers recently back from purgatory.

When last we left, Henry pulled a not-so-shocking twist and sent Moloch back to Purgatory. When the Witnesses wake up, Henry’s gone, and really no one cares. At least not at this point. All love and admiration to John Noble but getting a break from Henry’s emo-teenage parental issues angst will be nice.

What’s interesting is that in the six weeks since Armageddon nearly started, it is Abbie who is questioning what Team Witness will do if the apocalypse really is averted. She, at least, has a job and life to go back to. Crane is still a man out of time and must grapple with the idea that his purpose must shift from apocalyptic warrior to simply a man – with a job, mortgage and health insurance. Understandably he’s resistant.

Abbie hasn’t had a great time of it of late, besides fighting demons and Armageddon, she’s been dealing with the dual loyalties of her partner. Crane hasn’t been consistent at all during the first half of this season, and it’s been Abbie who’s picked up the slack. Crane may have cut himself off from dear wifey Katrina for the moment, but yet again, the Cranewreck of their marriage divides the team on what they need to do.

Enter a new warrior who might be the back-up Abbie has been needing for a while – Orion. Admittedly, we were really excited at the prospect of an angel warrior coming in. And he’s everything you could hope for – tall, dark, all leather-bound intensity. At least at first.  But since this episode seemed to be like a speeding train, rushing to get all the plots for the rest of the season set up, they rushed Orion’s character story right into evilness too soon.

Of course Orion turned out to be an angel looking for his own power, wanting to steal Headless’ power in order to scorch the Earth of humanity’s ills. That in itself inst bad, it’s just that little gem could have been drawn out over a few episodes. I guess since this show only gets a small season, and they spent way too much time on Crane Marital Drama, they have to rush things now.

Headless Abe’s redemption is starting to intrigue me more than just about any other plot line. And I say that as one who was severely disappointed when big scary Headless turned out to be a bitter, jilted ex. But seeing him run off Orion, and then tell off Ichabod, was pretty wonderful. And for a moment, his bad-assery was intact. As much as we loath Katrina, I actually want to see if Abraham will keep his no-kill promise to her.

Hawely comes back for a few bit scenes with Jenny, mainly to play with some kind of demon spy glass and to admit he’s jealous of anyone getting with the Mills girls. Just wait till you see Angelcakes trying to move in on Abbie, Hawely.

And Orion’s storyline isn’t done. Abbie still has his little charm, and I’m betting she’s still interested in seeing if he’s really a lost cause. If Headless can get a second chance, why not an angel?

Overall a pretty decent episode. Again the Cranewreck of Katrina and Ichabod’s marriage took up too much screen time but at least we know that Irving’s death was not, in fact, permanent. We had figured Irving wasn’t going to be gone for long, and since Moloch’s return to Purgatory, maybe some other presumed-dead characters might have escaped? Orion’s story line was rushed, but at least it’s not finished. And we admit to being interested to see if Abbie calls him back again.

What did you think of Sleepy Hollow’s “Paradise Lost”?


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