Star-Crossed 1.03 Sneak Peek: Humans Get Introduced to the Sector

by Shilo Adams / March 3, 2014

star-crossedSince the introduction of the Atrian Seven into public high school, the Atrians have been the ones to make the sacrifices and put themselves in uncomfortable positions. They’ve been immersed in aspects of human society that they don’t understand the importance of and forced to deal with a barrage of discrimination from those who don’t want the status quo, the way things were for the past decade, to change. While the fact that the humans haven’t been made to bend has certainly added to the tensions with the Atrians, things are about to get equal in a big way on the next episode of Star-Crossed, as the 10th anniversary of Arrival Day is swiftly approaching.

And with the arrival of the anniversary comes the next phase in the government’s assimilation program – bringing humans into the sector for the first time. It’s understandable to want to give the humans a firsthand look at Atrian life, stripping away the “other-ness” that has been assigned to the alien race, but in doing so, Gloria is asking for trouble, since tension between the humans and Atrians is still simmering after Nox’s assassination. Allowing humans access to the Atrian world is only going to tempt the vigilantes among each side to get the next hit in the battle between the two races and could result in enough collateral damage to shut the program down for good.

Elsewhere on Star-Crossed, Julia confronts Roman about her cyper suspicions, while Emery gets assigned to film the Arrival Day anniversary events and reactions to the introduction of humans to the sector differ among the Atrian Seven, resulting in a surprising kidnapping.

Star-Crossed airs tonight at 8:00 on The CW.

How will the introduction of humans into the sector go? Who do you think is most at risk for being abducted during the next phase of Atrian assimilation? Will Roman be honest with Julia about his use of cyper to cure her cancer?

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