Suits Recap: Paychecks and Prenups

by Rebecca Riley / July 2, 2015

This week’s episode of Suits was a full on Lewis/Harvey battle complete with smack-downs, “bulls***s”, and a few threats of violence. The main source of conflict in the Suits office stems from the red-haired goddess herself: Donna. We know from last week that despite Rachel and Mike’s big step in their relationship, Harvey and Donna have taken a giant leap backwards after his confession of love. She is working for Lewis and Harvey is not handling it well.

We open with back-to-back scenes where Rachel and Mike individually share their big engagement news with friends and family. Rachel and her father are out for a swanky meal and all is going well until Mr. Zain pulls out what he claims is a necessary marriage prenuptial agreement to protect Rachel, and his money. Rachel, of course, rebuffs this because, as we all know, Mike is a stand-up guy and any prenup is absolutely unnecessary.

Mike, on the other hand, is out at a bar with his old firm buddies (cue shots and good’ ol times reminiscing) where, as an early-wedding present, Mike is given a case: a hospital sent over 200 hundred people home against medical advocacy due to a lack of insurance. Mike characteristically jumps at the chance to fight for the underdog and without informing Jessica gets to work. Throughout the episode he tries to use this case to prove to Rachel’s father what kind of man he is after finding the prenup on the kitchen table.

Meanwhile, Harvey begins the process of replacing the irreplaceable Donna. After one interview Harvey steps outside and, passing over the handful of young, leggy, and overall beautiful applicants, chooses a middle-aged black woman who is the self-described “opposite” of his ex-secretary.

Down the hall, Lewis meets with a new coworker who has plans to take on Harvey, via a salary adjustment. Apparently when you are “the best goddamn closer in New York” aka: Harvey Spector, you get paid the big bucks. The new guy and Lewis decide to bring it up in the partner meeting the next day, but when Lewis discusses it with Donna he assures her that he will shut the idea down in order to show Harvey some solidarity. Good guy Lewis makes an appearance, yay! Unfortunately, Lewis’ good intentions don’t work out as planned and instead of thanking Lewis for smacking down the salary re-adjustment that would cost Harvey some major mullah, he storms out in a rage. Lewis and Harvey proceed to have a standoff in the bathroom that, of-course, leads back to Donna. Lewis claims Harvey must be jealous of the new receptionist-lawyer relationship budding between himself and Donna, and in response Harvey reveals a big secret. He has been paying Donna’s salary since she has come to the firm. Now its up to Lewis to decide whether he is gonna be honest with Donna or cough up her salary out of his own pocket. He decides to change the firm’s salary laws to take the extra money out of Harvey’s paycheck. Yikes.

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In between the very intense social drama, Harvey has an actual case to handle where the owner of a major company wants to sell his booming business for pennies on the dollar. It turns out, though, that the owner’s lifelong friend recently died unexpectedly and has drastically changed his view on life. After doing some classic Hard-ass Harvey negotiating he is able to pull out an offer that is double the original his client was offered and proceeds to have an emotional conversation about friendship, resulting in a heartfelt apology to Lewis on Harvey’s part. However, this apology comes too late from the plan Lewis has already put in motion. Before the apology Lewis had placed a copy of Harvey’s financial records in the copier, against Donna’s advice, and now the whole firm is on board to re-structure the firms financial plan to bring Harvey’s income way down.

In the wake of Lewis’s fire-able offense, an emotional Harvey heads to Donna’s house to ask her to admit she knew what Lewis did. She refuses and he finally comps to having been the bank behind her pay at Pearson, Spector and Litt.

In the final scenes we see Rachel enter Jessica’s office for some advice. While Donna is Rachel’s go-to maternal figure for this type of relationship guidance, it was nice to see Jessica step in because they share a similar upbringing with strict and often controlling fathers. Jessica tells Rachel that the prenup can do two things: protect her monetarily but also undermine her marriage to Mike. In the end, love wins over and she decides against signing the prenuptial agreement. Mike meets with Rachel’s father to hand over his case against an insurance company to someone he feels has the capability to handle it and in a show of faith, Zain tells Mike they can work it together.

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