Suits Recap: Anger All Around

by Rebecca Riley / July 9, 2015



Between the politics of new partner Jack Zoloft going after Harvey on this week’s Suits, social disaster of Donna now working for Louis, and the personal problem of Mike being caught in between all of it meant that at any given moment, it is a safe bet someone is getting yelled at.

The most obvious anger in the episode radiated from Harvey, who dealt with simultaneous pressure from both his personal and professional problems. To begin, his new assistant Gretchen (who is all the charm, sass, and smarts Donna was put in a 60 year olds body) apparently screwed up, which led to Harvey making a fool of himself in trying to appease Zoloft at the command of Jessica.

After his attempt at peace-making with Zoloft failed, Harvey was then angry with Mike for leaving him in the middle of the “war” to work with Robert Zain on their under-dog insurance suit. Going at it without his favorite associate, Harvey decides to poach Zoloft’s top clients with each of their favorite basketball players (which is where guest star Charles Barkley — as himself — comes into play.) Unfortunately for our favorite irritated litigator, even Philly’s own Charles Barkley can’t get the “ballerz” Harvey needs to steal Jack’s clients.

In addition to Harvey’s anger, we also see Donna’s red-hair metaphorically turn to red flames. She returns the lovely music box Louis gave as an apology after overhearing a conversation between Louis and Jack. Apparently, Donna was listening as Zoloft threatens telling the firm about Louis’ role in distributing Harvey’s financial records if Louis doesn’t underhandedly circumvent the by-laws to eliminate Harvey’s client-based income altogether. Yikes!

We get a break from all this wrath with Mike and Robert’s trial against the insurance company responsible for the deaths of those kicked out of hospitals due to lack of insurance. They do disagree on a few key points; Robert hiding the fact that they are financed by a $20 billion hedge fund, whether to expedite the trial or hold off until more evidence is gathered, and if Mike is being treated as an equal in the process of prosecution.

However, after telling a client the emotional story of the years spent grieving his parents, as well as an impressive show of his photographic memory to win the motion to expedite the trial, Mike wins Robert’s respect. The two even end up joking about Mike calling his future father-in-law “Dad.”

All of the legal stand-offs and personal troubles were just pre-cursers, however, to the climax of this week’s episode of Suits as we once again deal with the frightening panic attacks Harvey has been experiencing. After Jessica confronts Harvey about his behavior with Jack, and insightfully argues that his angry antics stem from abandonment issues triggered by the departure of Donna, it happens. As Harvey struggles to make it back to his office, the blurry vision and pounding heartbeat indicate he is quickly becoming undone. Mike is waiting in the office and offers to call 9-1-1, but (in a first time revelation about his disorder) Harvey assures it is just a panic attack.

In something that can only be described as worst timing ever, Zoloft comes to the office in the middle of the attack and threatens Harvey with the new resolution that would wipe out his income. Harvey, in his heroic way, pulls it together just in time to bluff his way out of the problem by claiming that his basketball clients are already in the works to get the rest of Jack’s clients. (Liar…)

Finally, in order to deal with the fallout of the latest attack, Harvey shows up at his therapist’s house late at night, uninvited, in search of pills. But, she makes him come in and begin a therapy session. In the session Harvey begins a role-playing tactic with the psychiatrist in which he visually imagines it is Donna he is having an argument with, not just his therapist. This conflict between Harvey and his imagined Donna lead to a revelation that they both have been deeply hurt; she by his rejection of wanting more, and him by her leaving for Louis. Just as we think Harvey has finally gotten some closure on the situation, we end with him stalking over to Louis and very darkly threaten that if he ever takes Zoloft’s side again, Harvey will bury him.

Some other notable, but not plot-heavy moments, occur between Jessica and Rachel as they prepare a speech for a big panel Jessica is speaking at. During the preparation the Person in “Pearson and Spector” heartwarmingly informs Rachel that she reminds Jessica of a young version of herself. We also see the Harvey/Mike relationship become stronger as Mike questions, in between pop culture references and riffs on movie quotes, if Harvey is actually okay after his panic attack.

If you’re looking for more drama, don’t forget to watch Suits on Wednesday, July 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on USA.