Suits Recap: Mixing Family and Business

by Rebecca Riley / July 16, 2015

On this week’s episode of Suits, the lawyers and Pearson, Spector, and Litt had some difficulty keeping the personal out of the professional. Not that this type of conflict between relationships and law is uncommon on Suits, but with Mike and his future father-in-law battling over an insurance case and Louis’ sister hiring Harvey for her divorce… things got complicated.

Let’s start with the most shocking character introduction to date: Louis has a sister, Ester, and she is gorgeous! So gorgeous, in fact, that Harvey (ignorant of the fact that she is a Litt) hits on her in the lobby and they share flirtatious remarks. Later, after she begs Louis to ensure Harvey takes her case, she and Harvey quickly move from flirting to fighting. She explains that her husband should get nothing in the divorce after cheating on her, and while Harvey tries to keep her out of negotiations he eventually relents and they meet with her husband to go over the deal.

After successfully closing the negotiations and with a mindset of moving on, Harvey ends up taking Ester to bed, which means he likely got “Litt Up” in a whole new way. It should be noted that while Harvey is still angry with Louis, he took the case to try and “bury the hatchet” between them and not get revenge, as Louis originally feared.

While this is happening, Rachel and Mike continue to balance their relationship with the fact that Mike has taken on a case as her father’s partner. A problem arises, however, when the insurance company they are suing makes a less than fair claim that Robert wants to accept, while Mike claims they need to reject it. After meeting with opposing counsel, followed by a revelation that Robert went behind Mike’s back to get the clients approval of the first offer, the issue of Robert’s honesty comes into question.

Mike saw a brochure for an airline on Robert’s desk and after discussing it with Katrina (yay for Katrina getting a cameo!) he thinks that Robert accepted the sub-par offer in order to benefit his other client (the airline company hedge fund.) Mike brings this information to Jessica, and in the middle of discussing whether Mr. Zain is dirty or unethical, Ms. Zain walks in and immediately jumps to her father’s defense. Mike relents and after Jessica steps in to ensure that the airline company gives all of its shares to the clients (both to prevent illegal activity and give the clients the best possible monetary outcome) everyone in the Ross/Zain family is happy.

But that is not the only “family” in jeopardy. As Donna points out in an emotional confrontation with Harvey in his office, she spent 12 years putting him first, making them a family, but as soon as she left for Louis he immediately started treating her as a stranger. This speech of Donna’s is put to the test when, in the middle of an impassioned argument about putting someone else first made by Ester’s soon to be ex, Harvey sees Donna through the glass. This moment seems to be the first time Harvey finally understands where she is coming from, and he proceeds to thank her for “the last 12 years.” Cue the tears. We don’t know if this is an apology, an extension of a peace offering, or an ending to their relationship altogether, but as Harvey walked away to a cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” it sure didn’t feel like Harvey and Donna are taking any steps towards reuniting.

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