Suits Recap: Getting Down in the Mud

by Rebecca Riley / July 23, 2015

This week’s episode of Suits was all about getting down and dirty. Whether it was Harvey and his old rival Travis Tanner playing dishonest tricks to one-up each other on a case, Zoloft’s under-handed stunt to ensure the new payment structure at the firm is set, or Louis’ obsession with a spa trip to go “mudding,” it seemed everyone got caught up in the dirt.

Harvey’s rivalry with Tanner took center stage, and while Tanner comes to Pearson, Spector, and Litt with a fair offer from a client while claiming he is a changed man from the last time we saw him (punching Harvey and screwing over clients) Harvey isn’t buying it. Mike and Harvey hatch a plan to take down Tanner and his client, but it fails in court when they don’t get the TRO they wanted and Tanner threatens a sexual harassment suit against the Spector client if our boys don’t back off.

While Harvey puts together a criminal case against Tanner’s client, Mike meets with Travis face-to-face and finds out he truly is a changed man when Travis agrees to take his name off the initial settlement. With his arch-nemesis no longer behind the lawsuit, Harvey agrees to take the original offer. Everyone is happy.

Except that happiness doesn’t extend to everyone at the firm. Louis is caught in a trap when he tries to uphold his promise to get Harvey his original salary back. To convince Zoloft it is worth his while to go back on the salary adjustment, Louis fakes attaining a big, new client. But his plan backfires when, in the middle of the vote, Zoloft pulls a deceitful move and decides that the salary structure cannot be changed for another year. This means no money for Harvey and Louis is in deep trouble with Jessica. Luckily, Jessica steps in after Louis tells her everything and kicks Zoloft’s a**, making him go back to the old structure. Win for Harvey, Louis, and the whole anti-Zoloft team!

In addition to the plot-heavy points of the cases and clients, we also got a look into Harvey’s emotional state. In moments between himself and his therapist, it is revealed that he had a dream about Donna lying naked in his bed with Tanner the same day that Tanner verbally assaulted him (with Harvey physically assaulting right back) about Donna leaving, and Harvey’s mother doing the same. His therapist goes through the motions of trying to get Harvey to admit it was Donna he saw in his dream, but as soon as he does she claims that is was actually his mother he saw. She deduces that he will never have a healthy relationship until he deals with his issues about his mother. How very Oedipal of him.

We end with no closure for Harvey as he walks out in the middle of his session, but we do get to see Louis finally go mudding with Donna and Rachel, so at least someone got what they wanted. If you want to see what happens with all the Suits drama, catch the next episode on July 9 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on USA and watch a preview below.