Suits Recap: Morality Comes into Question

by Rebecca Riley / July 30, 2015

On this week’s episode of Suits there was some bullying going on behind the scenes of our favorite lawyer’s cases. Louis tried to put his characteristic pettiness aside, but Zoloft played him in order to get revenge for the Harvey-payment scandal. Harvey also became quite the tormenter himself when he accosted his own therapist in a deposition to protect his client.

Zoloft and Louis have been head-to-head since almost the begging, but with this week’s Suits Zoloft just played plain dirty. While Louis and Mike trust Zoloft to work with them on a case, Zoloft betrays them, causing Pearson, Spector and Litt to lose McCormin Motors as a client. Eventually, Mike and Louis are able to fix the situation with the head of McCormin Motors (the first company Harvey brought in to the firm), but it turns out that Zoloft had screwed them again! In the 24 hours McCormin was no longer a client, it appears Zoloft signed with a mammoth of a motor company — forcing Jessica to get involved due to the new conflict of interest. She takes Louis, Mike, and Harvey’s side, telling Zoloft to drop the client. He threatens her with telling the partners she choose Harvey over a beneficial client, but with parting words Jessica says she knows he got the idea from her ex-boss (and overall awful person) Daniel Hardman, and basically not to mess with her.

Meanwhile, Harvey fought his own battle with the moral obligations a therapist has to his/her client when the woman he has been seeing the past few weeks comes in to testify against someone the firm is representing. Harvey knows the man is innocent, but her testimony in the deposition makes it clear the client will go to jail if no action is taken. Well, Harvey does take action. Unfortunately, the action he chooses to take is to use the story his therapist confided in him against her and humiliate her in front of the group. Following this he then has the gumption to ask for a favor.

However, this favor comes with a heart-felt speech about how he is sorry for what he did and that he’s just protecting his client, which convinces her to do the favor (giving up her notes on all company clients), which saves the day. At the end of the episode we see Harvey enter her office with flowers, prepared to take the next step in his therapy: talking about his mother.

While all of the drama takes place in the offices, Donna is out and about doing a grand wedding-related favor for Mike and Rachel. Rachel’s dream wedding takes place in the Plaza Hotel on her birthday, so Mike seeks out Donna to make it happen. We finally get a glimpse into just how Donna always seems to work her magic. From calling the hotel under false pretenses, walking up to a couple pretending to be a French wedding planner, or threatening to expose a fiancé’s affair, Donna gets it all done with her distinctive smile and style. Even she and Gretchen share a moment of respect after a rocky start when Gretchen realizes that she may not be ready to move on from Harvey after all.

Next week there is sure to be even more drama, so don’t forget to watch Suits on Wednesday, August 5 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on USA. Watch a preview for next week’s episode below.