Suits Recap: Trust to Be Earned

by Rebecca Riley / August 6, 2015

In this week’s Suits we saw relationships start, mend, and end. When Ester’s sister came back into town for help with a faulty lawsuit, it causes problems between herself and Louis, as well as herself and Harvey. Down the hall, Mike and the new office bad-guy, Zoloft, started working together and it turns out Zoloft isn’t quite as evil as everyone thought.

We started, as is the habit these past few weeks, with Harvey in the middle of a session with his therapist. This time, he was exploring a moment in his childhood where he walked in on his mother, and discovered she was having an affair. This idea of lying to a significant other is a theme throughout this episode of Suits as Harvey struggles (prompted by Donna) whether or not to tell Louis he broke their promise and slept with his sister. Eventually Louis finds out and proceeds to attack Harvey for it, verbally antagonizing him until Harvey throws Louis into a glass table, shattering both the table and what appears to be their relationship. Yikes.

Obviously, Louis has a problem with trust, but it seemed Mike and Zoloft had trust issues of their own. When Jessica forces the two to work together on a case, Mike accuses Zoloft of illegal activity on three separate occasions, forcing Zoloft to sit him down and explain that he is not a terrible guy. Apparently convinced Mike works through the rest of the case with his new friend and when the time comes asks Zoloft to trust him about some illegally collected evidence. The trust put in Mike is rewarded as they win the case hands down, and Zoloft (after declaring Mike the real deal) turns down a deal with ex-boss Daniel Hardman.

The only downside of Mike’s newfound support from Zoloft is he was recommended for junior partner, which Jessica makes him turn down. She doesn’t want a fake Harvard graduated, a fraud, making waves in the law firm. Will Mike find a way to accept the position? And how will everyone in the firm react to the Litt vs. Spector brawl in the office? Find out next on an all new Suits on Wednesday August 12, 9:00 PM ET/PT on USA.