Suits Recap: Close Encounters

by Rebecca Riley / August 13, 2015

Mike’s secret was discovered on this episode of Suits, but not by whom you would expect. When he is made Junior Partner at the firm, Jessica gives him his first big case. Unfortunately the lawyer on the other side of the table is a woman he tried to date while he was still a bike messenger, and she knows he is a fraud. Handing the case over to Rachel (so as not to get caught) causes some tension in their engagement when he treats her poorly (like a “D*ck”, in Rachel’s words.) She also admits she was threatened by seeing his ex, so eventually they apologize and work it out.

It seems the secret is safe for now, because when Claire (Pretty Little Liar’s Troian Bellisario) discovers that Mike Ross the partner at the firm is the same Mike Ross who didn’t go to Harvard, she doesn’t call the DEA. However, the secret may not be Mike’s biggest problem, because Claire decisively tells Mike that he has lied to Rachel by convincing her they will have a normal life. And, if he loves Rachel Zain, he won’t marry her.

Louis Litt and Harvey Spector also won’t be marrying anytime soon, given that the long-time rivals got into a physical altercation on last week’s Suits, and in this episode had to deal with the consequences. Harvey tries to apologize to Louis (per Jessica’s orders) and comes to him with a very sincere and heartfelt apology. But, even though his apology includes truthful vulnerabilities about his personal life, Louis decides to bring Harvey in front of the partners and force a vote to decide if Harvey gets a 3-month suspension.

Throughout the hour, Donna tries to convince Louis not to do just that, because although Harvey attacked him, Louis provoked the punches by hurling insults that struck a nerve with Harvey. After several underhanded tricks to ensure the vote goes his way, Donna is pushed to take Harvey’s side by giving Louis an ultimatum. If he uses the recording he took of Harvey’s statements about panic attacks and therapy to publicly humiliate him, Donna will quit.

With only one episode left until the season finale you don’t want to miss next week’s Suits on Wednesday August 19 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on USA.