Suits Recap: Quitters Never… Lose Their Family and Reputations?

by Rebecca Riley / August 20, 2015

It looked like, by the end of this week’s hour of Suits, there could be four potential quitters on our hands. Harvey was asked to resign by his old rival (now in prison), Jessica asked Zoloft to quit after his attempt to bring Daniel Hardman back, Hardman himself came to Jessica telling her to quit, and even Mike was pressured to leave the lawyer life by his old friend Trevor. It didn’t seem like any of our hard-hitting, never-say-die lawyers were actually going to abide by these suggestions, but we will have to see.

To begin, the issue of last week’s vote to suspend Harvey after attacking Louis went Harvey’s way (by one vote) thanks to Louis’ decision to change his vote and save Harvey. This momentary act of renewed loyalty was put to the test as Zoloft brought a major problem to the firm’s three named partners. Ex-boss Daniel Hardman is back, and aiming to worm his way back into the firm by offering to share a hugely valuable client. Jessica, Harvey and Louis deny him that opportunity, so Hardman decides to wage a war. Harvey goes to an old enemy inside jail and threatens a move him to a much harsher prison, but this doesn’t work as the inmate fires back that all he wants is to see Harvey “on his knees” and begging to resign. Looks like he won’t be any help stopping Hardman. Daniel proceeds to try to steal Harvey’s first and most treasured client, all the while forcing Zoloft to do his bidding via blackmail. Louis tries to find out what blackmail Hardman has on Zoloft but comes up empty.

After Mike and Harvey find what they think is a winning bid, Hardman turns around and comes up with an offer 20% higher than the bid to bring to the share-holders, thus ensuring that he comes out ahead. In a meeting with Jessica, he explains to her that he is there to take back the firm she stole from him and that she might as well step down now. She refuses and calls Zoloft in, and insists that he resign in order to get Hardman’s inside man on the outside of her firm.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Mike have some issues with their wedding. Rachel’s mother gets involved and becomes suspicious when the happy couple turns down the big wedding, high-class chef, and fancy newspaper announcement Rachel has always dreamed of. Rachel and Mike know these are necessary precautions to keep anyone from finding out his secret, but Rachel’s mom is just suspicious that Mike is keeping her daughter from having her idyllic wedding. Mike even meets with his long-time friend Trevor to talk, but Trevor says if he really wants a happy life he has to quit the job that is forcing him to live a lie. After a heartfelt moment where Mike wonders if his problems are truly damaging Rachel’s life, she assures him she doesn’t care where or with whom they share their wedding, as long as it happens.

What a sweet way to end it. But there is still the issue of an ever-strengthening attack from Hardman, the blackmail on Zoloft, and the future of the firm if Jessica or Mike decides to leave. To see what happens at the firm, do not miss the season finale of Suits on Wednesday, August 26 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on USA.