Supernatural Comic-Con Panel: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 11

by Clarissa / July 12, 2015

How will the Winchester brothers escape the ancient evil that was unleashed in the season 10 finale of Supernatural? What will Rowena do with her newfound dark spellbook? And will Castiel kill Crowley under the power of Rowena’s spell?

Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins — along with executive producers Jeremy Carver and Andrew Dabb — took to the Hall H stage at San Diego Comic-Con to answer all of these questions and more in anticipation of season 11 of the show.

11:21 AM – In a surprise move, former guest stars Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. are moderating the panel. They’re buttering up Jeremy Carver in hopes that he’ll invite them to come back to the show.

11:25 AM – The cast is introduced to a great deal of applause. Before the panel, Mark had put a little Crowley Funko doll in front of each cast members’ seat. Upon seeing it, Jensen threw it over his shoulder.

11:27 AM – What’s up with the Darkness? Jeremy says that they’re really proud of last season and they had a lot of intensely personal character stories. In season 11 they’re going back to more of an “epic feel” with a big bad and a quest for the brothers to unite on. He thinks they have a pretty special big bad for this year. It’s a pre-biblical story that’s never been told. Most importantly “I feel like the brothers are going to be really, really united” in defeating the Darkness.

11:29 AM – How will the brothers respond? “I think we’ll beat it. Because we’re not the Lose-chesters,” Jared joked. He also said that he’s excited to see the boys working together again.

11:31 AM – “Now we’re left with the clean-up” after getting rid of the Mark of Cain, said Jensen. What he likes about where they’re going is “the brothers are united, similar to the way they were in season 1 when we were looking for dad”. “We’re back to normal and we have a common target”. Jeremy cut in to say that he wanted to qualify what Jensen said with ” – ish”.

11:35 AM – Misha joked that having his recent fight scene with Mark was “really satisfying”.

11:38 AM – They brought out a surprise guest — the stuffed hamster Mark worked with as Crowley, with Rich voicing him. “That was the best and kindest actor that I worked with in ten seasons,” Mark said. The whole panel was in stitches.

11:42 AM – The show has done theme episodes in the past, but will they do one again in season 11? Andrew says that episode 4 will be in the same vein and should be fun.

11:43 AM – Any fan favorite characters coming back? “They’re coming back in surprise ways,” Jeremy confirms, but didn’t want to provide more details.

11:44 AM – Though the Mark of Cain is gone, they’re dealing with something bigger and badder but “maybe I haven’t said it yet, we’re not the Lose-chesters,” Jared joked again. “We’re slowly becoming the Lose-chesters,” Jensen cut in.

11:45 AM – Will Cas be part of the alliance who will defeat the new big bad? “We know Castiel isn’t really a fan favorite, so he’s not really involved,” Dabb joked.

11:48 AM – What’s it like when Jensen directs Jared? “He’s taller than you,” Rob said. “After ten years of playing these characters and knowing the story, there is an ease in having to direct the main cast. Unless it’s Misha, then you really kind of have to reign him in a bit. Jared knows the character so well, Mark knows the character so well, Misha is still working on it,” Jensen said.

11:54 AM – Mark says that Supernatural has been an amazing journey for him.

11:55 AM – What Jensen liked the most about playing Demon Dean was that Dean didn’t care about anything, but the tough part is that it changes the relationship on the screen with all of the other characters.

11:57 AM – Why did they decide to kill Charlie? Jeremy said that you have a favorite a character on the show, people die on the show. She’s beloved on the show, but in the writers’ room “we have to go where the story takes us”. On the show, pretty much everyone dies at one point or another — it’s horrible and sad and dramatic.

12:05 PM – Favorite scenes to film in season 10? Jensen: the fight scene with Cain (and then he praised Tim Omundson). He was very banged up after that scene, but “those are the kind of markings I wear with pride”. Jared: “I loved the finale. I loved the [brothers] showdown. There was so much heart in the dialogue that was written that it really struck a cord with me.” Misha: liked closing out Jimmy Novak’s storyline and getting to see him in Heaven. Mark: “I had a lot of mummy issues this year.” He liked that it was a different exploration of the character and praised Ruth. He also loved the guy who played Gerald and thought he was hilarious. Andrew: he wrote a lot for Demon Dean and really enjoyed that. Jeremy: he loved the Crowley-Rowena dynamic.

12:09 PM – Favorite season 10 episode? Jeremy: he was proud of what everyone did on the 200th episode. Jared and Jensen concurred, although Jensen also said he liked the episode that he directed last year where Demon Dean got cured and was chasing Sam around the bunker.

12:15 PM – The panel has concluded, but stay tuned for news from the Supernatural press room.

Supernatural will return for its eleventh season on Wednesday, October 7 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


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