Supernatural Press Room at Comic-Con: Visions, the Brothers United and More Spoilers from Season 11

by Clarissa / July 12, 2015

After the Supernatural panel (read about it here), we headed to the press room to speak with stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins, as well as producers Jeremy Carver and Andrew Dabb, about the rising Darkness, Sam’s visions, upcoming episodes, Dean’s connection to the Darkness and the return of familiar faces in season 11.

What is the Darkness? Carver said the idea — and this is something that Death started to hint at – is there was a pre-big bang, if you will, battle between God and the Darkness. When we come to spend time with the Darkness, we are going to see that there’s a lot of unfinished business between the Darkness and the forces that put the Darkness away. The Darkness mythology is something that is treading new ground for Supernatural. The show typically has biblical stories to use and twist, but the Darkness mythology is fresh for the show now. He also hinted that the Darkness should be “very relatable, but I can’t say why now”. It’s “foreboding, yet relatable”.

The Darkness ripple. “The nice thing about something as big as the Darkness is that it creates a really big ripple effect,” Dabb explained. “And so you’re going to see how it impacts both our guys and the world of hunting. We’re also going to see how it impacts Heaven and Hell and monsters and demons and witches and everything else. And everyone is going to come together. Now, some people are going to see it as an advantage. Some people are going to want to fight it. We’re going to make allies where maybe we haven’t made allies in the past.”

The brothers united. It’s been made clear that the brothers will be working together this season, but don’t expect 100%  smooth sailing. Dabb explained that whenever you have something as big as the Darkness, it gives everyone a common goal. But “there are going to be twists and turns in the road, there are going to be bumps in the road, there are going to be differences in opinion. Again, that’s what makes Supernatural so fun, that the boys will come at problems from different angles.” Padalecki thinks the brothers being united again is “super exciting” after they’ve had so many seasons of people and issues coming between them. “We’ve had all of these reasons for the brothers to be apart and now, because the Darkness is so vast and seemingly insurmountable, the brothers are side-by-side [and] teamed up again. Which, for me, is badass. I love that part of Supernatural, when the brothers kind of team up and they roll and they sacrifice and they’re together.” Ackles also added that the brothers are united in a common goal, much like season 1. “I feel like it’s going to be a much more brother-centric kind of show this year.”

Dean’s mindset. After living through the events of season 10, in some ways there was a brief, fleeting moment of relief for Dean, Dabb said, but now he’s realizing that things have gotten even worse than he had imagined. He thinks that Dean, and Sam as well, feel responsible for that because they made a choice at the end of last season to choose each other versus a “bigger threat” and now that the threat has come about they feel a lot of responsibility to “put it right”. When asked if Dean will have a particular connection to the Darkness, Ackles was very intrigued by the question. He added “and where is the Mark, is [also a big] question. There’s certainly some questions, some big questions that need to be answered as far as how, what, why, when, where and what’s going to happen. Whether or not it becomes some sort of an inner-connection because Dean did wear the Mark and now the Mark is, essentially, the key to whatever this was, there might be a connection. What [that connection is exactly], I don’t know. I haven’t seen it in the first four episodes, but there have been some flashes of things, some premonitions, so to speak. I don’t think….and I hope he doesn’t, because I’m done kind of playing the guilt that Dean feels, [but] I think he’s over the guilt. I think he’s [saying] ‘I made my bed, I’m going to lie in it’.”

Sam’s visions. Episode 11.02 will “set Sam on a path, on a story that I think will in some ways be surprising and in some ways I think fans have been waiting for for a long time. It ties back to something kind of in his past,” Dabb teased. But Padalecki spilled more about it, saying “the Darkness is pre-biblical. And so Sam, being the diligent researcher, I think his brain is swimming [while] thinking of ‘what can we do?’ ‘How can we fix it?’ ‘How can I save myself and my brother and the world?’ He starts to have visions or dreams of a higher power. He’s also having memories that maybe weren’t memories. Sam believes there’s a higher power trying to contact him to tell him how to solve this problem. So it’s going to be really cool because we’re going to see a few characters via visions that we haven’t seen in Supernatural in a long time.”

Castiel’s affliction. The spell that Rowena put on Castiel at the end of the season “will last a while” and he’s going to be coping with it for some time, Collins said. The spell is definitely having a profound impact on him and it has maybe even more of a pronounced effect on him than the Mark of Cain had for Dean. “He’s not himself, to say the least”.  He also said that at the outset Castiel is also quite alienated from the angels because he helped Metatron escape and then lost him, so his angelic brothers and sisters are quite angry with him.

The Rowena factor. “Rowena is out there, she’s more powerful than ever,” Dabb warned. She’s this character who “was really kind of slighted throughout her entire magical life. She always believed she was the best, but when the Grand Coven kicked her out [and with what happened with] Crowley, she’s someone who kind of manipulated her way to the top. She doesn’t have to do that anymore. She’s at the top. She has more power than any witch ever and, potentially, more power than most things that have ever been on this planet. She will be a major factor for us in this season, particularly as we move towards our mid-season and kind of get into the Darkness: what it means and how we’re going to deal with it”. Padalecki hinted that Rowena “is certainly a foil of sorts and she will certainly be around, hopefully for a long, long time.”

Will angels and demons be fearful of the Darkness? Yes, mostly. But Carver warned that, for the most part, the Darkness is basically a bedtime story because so few entities were around when it was present, so no one really knows what to expect. Part of the fear that is seeping into Heaven and Hell is that the Darkness is a great unknown that is a big threat to everyone. Collins also confirmed that even what Castiel knows about the Darkness was primarily from old stories and that some angels didn’t really think the Darkness was a real thing, but more like a scary myth.

The return of familiar faces. One of the themes of the season is “you can’t outrun your past,” Carver warned. “I think by a lot of devices, faces from the past are going to be appearing” in some form or another. This will all be part of the ongoing goal to figure out what the Darkness is, who the Darkness is, what the Darkness wants and how we can stop it. Based on what Padalecki says, it looks like at least some of these faces could be appearing via Sam’s visions. And he also gave a big hint about who we might specifically see: “One may or may not be related — to the character”.

Killing Death. When Dean made the decision to kill Death instead of Sam, it left Supernatural fans wondering about the consequces of such an act. Ackles warned that with “the repercussions of the Mark, we got the Darkness. What the repercussions of killing Death are might play into that.”

Upcoming episodes. Dabb wrote episode 11.02 and he let it slip that “it introduces Crowley in a way we’ve never seen him before.” In addition, episode 11.04 “isn’t quite ‘Changing Channels’, it’s not quite our 200th episode, but Robbie Thompson came in with a really cool conceit and executed it very, very well,” Dabb hinted. Padalecki explained that the episode “all takes place in the car. It’s called ‘Baby'”. We’re going to see kind of like an episode of Supernatural, not [from] the point of view [of the car entirely] because we’ll see the car as well, but we’ll see things where the camera is inside of the car and one of the brothers runs in to grab something and off-camera you hear some stuff and he runs back in and he’s bloody. We forget sometimes that the Impala is always with us. So you kind of see how Baby views an episode of Supernatural.”

Supernatural will return for its eleventh season on Wednesday, October 7 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


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