Supernatural: Felicia Day Talks Charlie’s Return from Oz (Plus, Watch a Sneak Peek)

“I can say that Oz did change Charlie,” Felicia Day teases about Charlie’s return to Supernatural.

by Clarissa / January 23, 2015

When we last saw Charlie Bradbury on Supernatural, she was heading off to Oz with Dorothy to seek adventure (“I think it’s safe to say that she found it,” Felicia Day hinted). But she’s back in the next episode and it looks like she may have found more than she bargained.

In the fall, we had an opportunity to speak to Felicia in the events leading up to the 200th episode celebrations for Supernatural and she was happy to tease Charlie’s return and talk about being a kick ass female on a show primarily known for its male heroes.

“I can say that Charlie comes back from Oz a little bit different from the experience there and that’s something that’s dealt with in the episode. I can only say that Robbie [Thompson] wrote it again and of course every time I turn the page in a Robbie Thompson script I know that I’m gonna have an amazing time on set and be challenged as an actor.”

How different? An extended preview for the return of Supernatural gives us a possible hint, leading quite a few fans to guess that Charlie may have brought back an evil doppelganger, or maybe a split personality?

While Felicia wouldn’t spoil the secret, she did say that there’s still a strong connection between Charlie and the Winchesters when she returns: “You know, I think there’s an organic connection between Charlie and the guys that has been very strongly built in the past. I think I’m really privileged to have Charlie be emotionally connected to Sam and Dean in a way that really brings out some awesome moments and I’ll guess we’ll see something in that world.

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As always, Felicia expressed happiness over playing a self-assured female character who will stand beside the male heroes of Supernatural: “I think it’s really important to have representation in entertainment so that someone who’s growing up or thinking about being an artist or performer has someone to look up to and say ‘Hey, this is a possibility for me in life or in fiction’. I love the fact that Charlie is a really smart girl who’s not a cookie cutter or a caricature and she can show the world that even though you don’t come from this mythical past, you can rise to the occasion in extraordinary places and circumstances. It’s just great to be able to play a character like that.”

“I really enjoy that they haven’t killed me because that means I can come back. I mean they have killed me. Technically in the last Oz episode I did die. But you know I come from a world of fandom. I live on the internet. That’s where … my whole career has been grown by fans one by one, versus from the top-down and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So it’s really the fans’ approval that I want more than anything. And I really think that Charlie is an authentic projection of the kind of person who loves Supernatural. She’s a fan of other things and she’s authentically a fan and she’s not defined by her fandom. She’s a real person. It just happens to be something that resonates with her…the things that she loves in these areas like video games or TV shows.”

Don’t miss Felicia’s return to Supernatural airing on January 27 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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