Supernatural Photos: What’s Up With Charlie?

by Clarissa / January 22, 2015
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Charlie Bradbury went off to find adventure in season 8 of Supernatural when she joined Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road to Oz. That was the last the Winchesters saw of her…at least until now.

In the next episode, Sam is searching for a case on the internet when he comes across a video showing something very unusual: Charlie punching out a District Attorney. Dean thinks she’s back from Oz and hunting, so the brothers head out on the road to find her. But they find something very unusual: a leather-pants wearing Charlie who seems more interested in punching out Dean and acting sassy than being nice like usual.

What happened to the former nice girl in Oz? The CW isn’t telling, but an extended preview released earlier in January indicates that there might be two Charlies back from Oz. Or has she developed a dual-personality? And will Dean go off the deep end again with the Mark of Cain after trying to learn how to control it in the last episode?

Browse through photos above for the January 27 episode of Supernatural airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.






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