Supernatural Photos: Cole Hunts With the Winchesters

by Clarissa / March 4, 2015
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Cole — the man who grew up with a vendetta against Dean since he was a child — was introduced earlier this season on Supernatural. Unaware that Dean had killed his father because he was some sort of a monster, Cole kidnapped Sam in an attempt to get to Dean and, when that didn’t work, confronted Dean himself. Demon Dean beat up on Cole when they first met but when the two men met again — and Dean was no longer a demon — they parted on much better terms.

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The Winchesters will reunite with Cole when he returns in the next new episode, marking the show’s return to Wednesday nights. In “The Things They Carried”, Sam and Dean investigate a new murder case and stumble on Cole. He’s eager to join the Winchester brothers in this hunting gig, much to Dean’s reluctance. And when they realize a Khan worm is involved and making men kill, Cole is infected. Will they be able to save him?

Don’t miss the return of Supernatural on Wednesday, March 18 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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