Supernatural 10.17 Photos: A Little Help from the Other Side

by Clarissa / March 27, 2015
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Dean told Sam and Castiel that he was just going to accept the Mark of Cain on a previous episode of Supernatural, but we know — and Sam knows — that he’s not very happy about it. While he hasn’t yet told Sam Cain’s “prophecy” that Dean would end up killing his brother like Cain did, Sam knows something is wrong with Dean.

In an early episode of Supernatural, Sam and Castiel will team up to follow a lead about the Mark of Cain. Despite Cain’s assertion that Dean will simply have to live with the situation, is there a solution out there that someone is aware of? Because the long-term ramifications of Dean living with the mark — even if he can find a way to control it — certain isn’t ideal. So what can be done? Well, it looks like┬áSam and Cas are going to get a little bit of help from the “other side”. Mostly in the form of Bobby, who is featured in the preview for the episode.

Elsewhere in the episode, Dean and Rowena meet. According to a preview with scenes from several upcoming episodes, it’s not a happy meeting.

Browse through photos above for the April 1 episode of Supernatural airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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