Supernatural Preview: Dean Turns the First Blade Against Cain

by Clarissa / February 13, 2015

Dean may have told Sam that he’s prepared to accept the consequences of the mark on the last episode of Supernatural, but he’s soon coming face-to-face with the very demon who bestowed the cursed mark on him: Cain.

In “The Executioner’s Song”, Cain resurfaces after having been absent since the mid-season 9 episode “First Born”. From the looks of a sneak peek for the upcoming episode, the Winchesters and Castiel discover that Cain has recently murdered a death row inmate….and an entire field full of other people. After a long period as a pacifist, Cain resumed killing back in “First Born” and it looks like he may not have stopped since. Has his bloodlust simply been awakened or is there another explanation?

Whatever the case, Dean is eager to turn the First Blade against the very demon who first yielded the weapon to kill his own brother. He calls on Crowley, who agrees to hand over the blade with the promise that Dean will return it to him when he’s done. But, as you can see from a new preview below, the reunion between Dean and Cain doesn’t go as well as Dean had hoped. Is he strong enough to best Cain, especially when he loses the First Blade to him?

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