Supernatural Preview: Killer Dean, Metatron’s Taunting & Charlie’s Return

by Clarissa / December 9, 2014

Castiel found Claire Novak in the mid-season finale of Supernatural in an attempt to make amends to the humans he had hurt. Finding her in a group home, he attempted to get her out legally by impersonating her father, but when that didn’t work he broke her out. She split and returned home to her sort of foster father and brother, who asked her to rob a convenience store to help the man pay down a debt.

But Cas, with some help from the Winchesters, eventually tracked her down. And while they stopped her from committing robbery, she eventually ran back to her foster family. The Winchesters and Cas found her just in time to save her from the creepy man the foster father had sold her to in order to settle his debt. Unfortunately for Dean, who had expressed worry about the Mark of Cain throughout the episode, the men in the house attacked him, reactivating his bloodlust and causing him to lash out. Sam and the others were horrified when they saw that Dean had massacred all of the men in the house and Sam begged his brother for an explanation that Dean couldn’t provide. Plus, Rowena managed to worm her way into Crowley’s good graces, but will she turn on him?

When Supernatural returns in January, we’ll see Dean acting aggressively, Metatron returns (in the Winchesters’ dungeon), and Charlie comes back from Oz as a very different person.

Supernatural returns with all new episodes on January 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


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