Supernatural Preview: Young Dean Is Back….But There’s a Twist

The show tackles the Hansel and Gretel lore in the February 3 episode

by Clarissa / January 27, 2015

Charlie returned from Oz in this week’s Supernatural, but she didn’t come alone. It turns out that she had allowed the Wizard to split off her dark half in order to help with the war for the Emerald City, but now Dark Charlie had returned home to seek revenge on the man who had hurt her family members. She and Sam helped a former Men of Letters summon the Wizard and killed him, merging her with her dark self once again.

In next week’s episode, Sam wants to get Dean out of the bunker so when he stumbles on a case he think he’s hit the jackpot. People are disappearing into thin air, leaving only their clothes behind. The boys suspect angels or fairies are behind the disappearances, but are shocked when they stumble upon Hansel (as in Hansel and Gretel). It turns out that Hansel is turning people into their younger selves to offer up to the evil witch and Dean gets hit by the deaging spell, leaving him 14 years old again.

Don’t miss an all new episode of Supernatural airing on February 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.



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